IPhone solid gold headphones introduced

IPhone solid gold headphones introduced As you know, the new flagship smartphone iPhone 5s is available in three versions – silver, dark gray and gold. The last color, as shown by the start of sales, became the most popular. And it’s not surprising that many manufacturers have already started to release new smartphone accessories in gold. The Swedish workshop Happy Plugs also did not stand aside, which released headphones for iPhone 5s, made of pure gold. The new gold earbuds are named Earbud 18 carat Gold. They are made of 18K yellow gold and weigh 50 grams. According to Swedish jewelers, the new accessory goes well with both gold iPhone 5s and other mobile devices in gold. They have a standard 3.5mm 'mini-jack' that allows you to connect them to almost all modern mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It's easy to guess that the new gold headphones will cost the buyer a pretty penny. Their cost is $ 14,500. However, if the user does not have such an amount, and still wants gold headphones, then Happy Plugs offers an accessory with a gold plated finish. Its cost is several times less – only $ 29.99. You can order Earbud 18 carat Gold here.

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