Kreyos Meteor – Smartwatch with Support iPhone

Kreyos Meteor - Smartwatch with Support iPhone

The smartwatch market is now generating genuine interest among users and manufacturers. The project of one such 'smart' gadget was launched on the international online crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. For several weeks, the developers managed to collect a record amount.

The new smart watch was named Kreyos Meteor and should become a worthy competitor to the Pebble watches, which we have already talked about. Kreyos Meteor is equipped with a 1.26-inch monochrome LCD display with a working resolution of 144 x 168 pixels, a three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer, internal motion sensors, a microphone and speakers. You can control the watch both with the help of various gestures and with your voice. Support for eight languages ​​is declared.

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The Kreyos Meteor 'smart' watch can work in conjunction with iPhone and smartphones on the platform Android and Windows Phone 8. They connect to them via a wireless interface Bluetooth 2.1+. A mini-USB port is provided for synchronization with computers and laptops.

Kreyos Meteor - Smartwatch with Support iPhone

The watch straps can be changed at will. They are available in five colors – white, black, blue, pink and lemon. Moreover, Kreyos Meteor can be worn not only on the arm, but also on the neck.

As already mentioned, the Kreyos Meteor project raised more than $ 1.5 million in more than a month, although initially it took only $ 100 thousand to start mass production. The first deliveries of new smart watches will start in November this year. They have a suggested retail price of $ 169.

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