Lapa – keychain for finding lost things using iPhone

Lapa - keychain for finding lost things using iPhone Agree, each of you at least once lost the keys, and all attempts to find them were in vain. Developers from Lapa Studio offer to solve the problem of lost things once and for all. They launched an unusual project called Lapa on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform. The new Lapa accessory is a small keychain that you can hang on your keychain, put in your wallet, or attach to any other item you fear losing. With the help of GPS-enabled Lapa, the user will be able to find out about the location of the object to which the key fob is attached and, if lost, find it. So, the key fob will give special sound signals to find it and send data about its location to the user's smartphone. Lapa - keychain for finding lost things using iPhone Lapa accessory connects with iPhone, iPad and mobile devices on the platform Android via a wireless interface Bluetooth 4.0. However, for this you need to download a special application from App Store or Google Play. In addition, Lapa is a 'social' accessory. It will allow you to find the lost item through friends or relatives on social networks. Lapa runs on a battery that the developers claim will last for a year. The keychain is available in three colors – white, black and turquoise. The Lapa project is currently at the fundraising stage. To start mass production, developers need $ 75,000, more than $ 17,000 of which have already been raised. You can support the project and order a keychain on the IndieGoGo site here. Lapa costs $ 29 excluding shipping. Deliveries of new accessories will begin in February next year. VIDEO

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