Lapka BAM – unique breathalyzer with support iPhone

Lapka BAM - unique breathalyzer with support iPhone Lapka has officially presented its new development – a unique accessory for determining the concentration of alcohol in the user's blood. It has already gone on sale in mono-brand re: Store stores throughout Russia. Lapka BAM is a breathalyzer that is compatible with mobile devices, including smartphones iPhone. It determines the blood alcohol content. To do this, it is enough to 'breathe' into the device. In this case, the role of the mouthpiece is performed by the user himself, or rather, his palm. The breathalyzer is compatible with all smartphones Apple from iPhone 4s, tablets iPad of the second generation and above, as well as iPod touch players of the fourth and fifth generations. For full-fledged work on mobile devices, you need to download a special Lapka BAM application from App Store. It is housed in a cylindrical ceramic body and is equipped with an electrochemical sensor, which guarantees high accuracy of results. A similar sensor is used in many modern professional breathalyzers, which even government departments use. Lapka BAM - unique breathalyzer with support iPhone You can pre-order the Lapka breathalyzer now at the re: Store retail chain and on the retailer's official website. Its retail price is 7,990 rubles.

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