Livescribe 3 – smart stylus pen for iPhone and iPad

Livescribe 3 - smart stylus pen for iPhone and iPad

For iPad and iPhone quite a few styluses have already been introduced. However, the Livescribe 3 stylus will interest many users as it can also be used as a regular pen that automatically digitizes handwritten text.

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Livescribe 3 was released by Livescribe. It is an unusual stylus pen for iPhone and iPad, to which it connects via a wireless interface Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy. The notes made with a pen on special paper are digitized and transferred to a mobile device, on which a special application must be installed from App Store. The mobile app also allows you to post notes to social networks, edit and insert them into documents. Notes can be accompanied by audio commentary.

The autonomous operation of the handle is provided by the built-in rechargeable battery. One charge, according to the manufacturer, is enough for 14 hours of continuous operation.

Livescribe has already opened a pre-order for the unique pen. For $ 149.95, the user not only gets the Livescribe 3 pen, but also the Livescribe app, one cartridge, a microUSB charging cable, and a 50-sheet notebook. And the $ 199.95 kit consists of a pen, a notebook (100 sheets), two cartridges, a microUSB cable, and a leather case. You can order a pen here.

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