MacBook Air 2018: feature overview

Each branded device Apple claims to be 'over'. The company tries to create its smartphones, tablets, watches or computers with branded 'chips'. So MacBook Air 2018 has become the thinnest and most impressive laptop on the market today. Exactly 10 years have passed since the release of the first MacBook. During this time, products Apple conquered 4 continents and became a desirable purchase for millions of people.

MacBook Air 2018


On October 30, at a traditional presentation in New York, a new MacBook Air was presented, as a new device that has nothing to do with the 2015 model. Apple has redefined everything from keyboard to processor. The company's engineers took into account the comments of critics and users.

The screen size remained the same – 13.3 inches, but the frames were reduced by 50%, which also became a big plus when viewing photos and videos. A new, advanced matrix with excellent color rendering is used.


This year Apple pleased buyers, the new one MacBook Air was released in three versions: white, silver and gold.

Dimensions, weight

The body has decreased by 17%, while the screen remains 13.3 inches, all due to the narrowing of the bezels. The dimensions of the laptop are 304.1 x 212.4 x 15.6 mm. The weight has also decreased by 100 grams and is 1.25 kg.

new MacBook Air

Retina display and 4 million pixels

The 2015 model has often been criticized for not being progressive enough, already archaic. In terms of color rendering of the screen, the four-year-old version was losing for a long time even at that time. The Mac 2018 received a 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, which is 4 (!) Times larger than laptops of previous years.

The use of Retina display technology has increased the brightness and color saturation. And the TrueTone function, already proven in iPhones, now tracks lighting and adjusts the percentage of white depending on the situation. With TrueTone, a picture or text appears on the screen as if it were printed on plain paper.

The frame rate has been increased, which delighted the fans of video games and fans of augmented reality.

50% more colors

To silence the critics of the 'airy' laptop, the new model Apple has decided to revise all display technologies. With a screen size of 13.3 inches, the resolution of 2356×1600 pixels has quadrupled and a density of 226 pixels per inch. The laptop now supports millions of colors.

Larger display surface

This year I decided to release only one version of the older model with a 13.3-inch screen. The working surface is increased by narrowing the frames on four sides.

New keyboard

In Mac 2018, developers have paid attention to the keyboard. Made with 3rd generation Butterfly technology. The information encouraged the owners of laptop models of the past years, who considered that the new tool would become available for their devices under a mandatory warranty. But no, the company has clarified that the Butterfly-3 keyboard will remain a product only for the 2018 lineup.

What is attractive about the accessory:

  1. Added silicone panel to prevent dust from entering.
  2. Special spacers have further reduced impact noise.
  3. Individual backlighting of each key allows operation even at night.

These qualities, together with the cool, futuristic design, set the Mac 2018 keyboard apart from the competition.

Force Touch trackpad

By increasing the screen, the area of ​​the virtual keyboard has increased by 20%. With the help of trepkad, the text is now printed no less comfortably than on its physical counterpart.


Contrary to the already familiar tactics of the company, everyone's favorite audio output 3.5 was left in the case. The laptop is equipped with two outputs 2 connectors Thunderbolt 3 in USB format. Through it, charging takes place, monitors or drives are connected, as well as all other devices with the same connector. It also supports Bluetooth 4.2 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Connectors for Mac 2018

FaceTime camera

The main one is 12 MP f / 1.8 with video recording at 4K / 60fps, the front one is 7 MP, f / 2.2. MacBook Air 2018 is equipped with advanced Face Time technology. Making video and audio calls just got easier. In 2018, the function of making group calls is included. Now users communicate with up to 32 people at the same time. For convenience, the speaking person is displayed on the front screen, while others in the form of miniature pictures are on both sides.

Touch ID

Personal data security is now closely monitored. What thousands of users have predicted and requested has happened, the new MacBook Air is equipped with fingerprint reader technology. With one click, the user will unlock the laptop or pay for an electronic purchase.

Apple Pay

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first Apple ordered foldable foldable displays from Samsung iPhone

With the help of the electronic payment system, purchases are available in stores, special programs, in the Safari browser, metro and other vehicles (for details, check the website Apple). Also, the user can transfer funds to another person, organization.


The new MacBook Air received an eighth generation Core-i5 processor Intel with 2 cores and a frequency of up to 1.6 GHz. The amount of RAM is from 8 to 16 GB, depending on the modification, the size of the hard disk is from 156 to 256 GB. As in the case of the Mac mini, a little later, memory expansion up to 1.5 TB will be available for users.

According to the developers, the new MacBook will work 60% faster than the previous model. And to whom this speed will not seem enough, there are 2 connectors Thunderbolt 3 for connecting external graphic media.

There was an incident with the new processor. Curious users surprisingly did not find the new product Apple in the listings on the site Intel. The misunderstanding was explained later, the fact is that Intel Core-i5 is a mobile version of the technology with a chip thermal power of 23-28 W. But the company's engineers have assured that the performance is sufficient for everyday tasks.

New MacBook Air


The internal memory ranges from 156 to 256 GB. The company also promised that soon users will be able to upgrade their laptops to 1.5 TB.

In macOS, they left everything that ordinary users liked, and added a lot of new things for advanced users. Updated features in MacBook Air:

  1. 'Dark Mode', where the panel and optional tools fade into shadow and the workspace is brought to the fore.
  2. The 'Stacks' function has been added, folders and files are grouped into groups. The owner himself sets the appropriate parameters: sort by name, type, extension, format, etc.
  3. When searching, now all of its folder methods.

The Quick Actions panel is a godsend for those who are not used to wasting time. Here you can work with photos and videos, crop and format folders, and perform other daily activities without opening a file. Many more options have appeared for working on the Internet.


RAM – 8GB DDR 2133MHz, 16GB models will not ship in all regions.

Day without recharging

The company confidently stated that the new MacBook Air will work without difficulty for 12 hours without recharging in conditions of continuous Internet use and 13 hours of video playback. If you are an avid traveler, then the ultra-thin laptop from Apple is the best.

Charging MacBook Air

Security with Chip Apple T2

Today no manufacturer can provide complete protection of personal data. Savvy hackers create and improve malicious applications and programs every day. Therefore, laptops and tablets of 2018 Apple were equipped with new T2 chips. What are the functions of the technology:

  1. OS hardware check.
  2. Check downloaded applications and files.
  3. Safe boot.
  4. Prevents hackers from accessing information on the hard disk or to the camera.

The Apple T2 chip is installed at the hardware level, which means that encryption will take place in a specially protected area that is not accessible to malware.


Almost all large companies today are trying to optimize the work process, reduce waste and emissions. Apple has big plans in this matter, in the future engineers decided to create a harmless material for devices.

MacBook Air also continued a glorious tradition. The developers stated that the device is made of 6000 aluminum alloy, the production of which releases 50% fewer chemicals into the atmosphere. The MacBook body is 100% recyclable.


The sound of the MacBook Air has always remained at its best, but in the 2018 model:

  • the volume was increased by 25%;
  • the body was equipped with 3 microphones for accurate voice transmission;
  • increased the bass by 2 times.

Now movies in good quality have become even more enjoyable to watch and listen to.

Graphic arts

The model includes a graphics processor Intel UHD Graphics 617. For advanced users, it is provided to connect additional eGPUs using outputs Thunderbolt 3.


The MacBook started at 76,990 for the model, from 156GB of memory to 120,990 for a slightly more equipped laptop. With all the obvious advantages, in Russia MacBook Air it is not implemented as quickly as in Europe or Asia. And the reason for this is the high cost. Not every person will part with a hundred thousand, even for a cool laptop. Although compared to the new iPhones, such a purchase does not seem ridiculous.

Price MacBook Air 2018

Release date in Russia

For a long 5 years, only the lazy did not scoff at the outdated look of MacBooks, a small screen with thick bezels, simple resolution and meager functions. But all the ill-wishers revised their positions in the fall of 2018, when MacBook Air was shown to the public. The model impresses with its design, narrow bezels, almost bezel-less screen and impressive processor features.

On the shelves of stores in the USA MacBook Air will appear already on November 7, in Russia it is not yet possible to pre-order, but from the middle of the month the laptops will fall into our retail.

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