Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X

Smartphones of the brand Apple have gained recognition among users due to their sensitive touch screen. However, it is just as fragile as it is difficult to execute. Devices iPhone have a high value in the portable electronics market. Each subsequent model is an order of magnitude higher than the previous one. Accordingly, this also applies to related components.

Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X

According to the latest developments in the portable devices market, the flagship of the company Apple is the iPhone 10. Its screen continues the tradition of sensitivity, comfort and fragility. A slight but sure blow can make further use of the device extremely difficult: cracks distort the image and the operation of the sensor. To secure the smartphone screen, a special barrier is used – protective glass.

The best safety glasses for iPhone X

Finding the best safety glass for iPhone X is complicated by the large number of manufacturers. Each of them presents their product as the best and most reliable. However, it is important to remember about the ratio between price and quality of the used protection in order to get such an accessory for use that will satisfy in all respects.

There is a significant note that the protective glass is attached to the screen without affecting the back panel in any way iPhone. For its safety, you must use other devices.

Belkin InvisiGlass

Belkin InvisiGlass is a highly protective and touch-transmitting protective display coating that retains the MultiTouch and 3DTouch capabilities of iPhone 10.

It has a high price, but the Apple Store provides free installation when purchasing a smartphone. Made of ultra-thin aluminosilicate glass, chemically enhanced by ion exchange. Product thickness 0.21 mm.

Comes with dust-cleaning foil and EasyAlign stickers for precise attachment at home.

Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X


AmFilm glasses are the most popular due to their good price-performance ratio. The display cover is available in packs of 2 or 3 at a low cost.

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The thickness of the coating is 0.3 mm, and the material does not have color refraction reflections, allowing you to fully reproduce the image quality of the display.

The shape of the protective glass does not cover the screen rounds iPhone 10, therefore it protects only flat areas of the smartphone. The material is water resistant and repels grease marks.

Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X


Maxboost glasses are also supplied in a set of 3. Its thickness is 0.25 mm.

This brand is recommended by many popular internet sites and has many positive reviews on Amazon and related forums. The package contains installation instructions and protector care products.

Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X

Has the following characteristics:

  • strained glass;
  • compatible with 3D Touch;
  • surface hardness 9H;
  • Fase ID compatibility;
  • easy gluing 'without bubbles';
  • Provides maximum resolution for a Retina display;
  • oleo and hydrophobic coating.

It also has the ability to frontal projection, which provides protection against peeping into the screen from any side.


Spigen screen protectors are recommended by the company Apple. The protective cover is compatible with all cases, as it is slightly smaller.

The glass has smoothed glass edges, which eliminates the possibility of cutting your hand or damaging a piece of clothing. It has a hydro-protection and oleophobic coating that repels grease stains and fingerprints.

Overview of protective glasses for iPhone X

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