Putting on the headphones correctly AirPods

A large number of people love apple products because the company Apple puts great headphones in boxes for their devices. They are distinguished by their original design, high quality level and excellent sound. Even those people who do not have apple gadgets use exactly AirPods to listen to their favorite tracks. Such high popularity even prompted the Chinese to produce heaps of fakes of various quality.

Putting on the headphones correctly AirPods

Despite the obvious ease of use, some users manage to don the headphones incorrectly. In this article we will try to describe such an entertaining process in as much detail as possible.

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The first thing you need to pay attention to is the labeling. Each of the two earbuds is labeled with the letters L and R. It's easy to guess that L stands for 'left' and R stands for 'right'. Accordingly, according to these prompts, the user understands for which ear each earphone is intended.

The earphone itself is very slightly inserted into the ear so that the wire looks down. Any other position will cause great discomfort and ruin the experience of listening to your favorite songs.

Putting on the headphones correctly AirPods

The only correct position of the earphone

This is where such a 'complicated' process ends.

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