Razer is preparing a game controller for iPhone

Razer is preparing a game controller for iPhone

This fall, renowned accessory makers MOGA and Logitech have officially announced game controllers for iPhone. And soon they will be joined by Razer, which specializes in the production of professional gaming equipment.

Blogger Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, tweeted today that Razer is preparing a game controller codenamed 'Kazuyo'. It appears to be compatible with smartphones iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, as well as an iPod touch multimedia player 5G.

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In support of his words, Blass posted the first press photo of the gamepad. Judging by the picture, it will be equipped with service buttons, D-pad, service buttons and power key, as well as speakers. Connection is carried out using the proprietary Lightning interface.

Razer is preparing a game controller for iPhone

In addition, the special design of the new gaming accessory allows you to tilt your smartphone at an angle of 45 degrees. A similar feature is provided in the Ace Power gamepad from MOGA.

Unfortunately, the exact date of the official announcement of the Razer Kazuyo controller is still unknown to us. Its cost is also kept secret.

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