Sound Blaster Roar – Creative's New Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker

 Sound Blaster Roar - Creative's New Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker Creative introduces the Sound Blaster® Roar Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker, which has made waves among audio experts and consumers. Nobody expected to hear surprisingly powerful, fine-tuned, high-quality sound from a book-sized speaker … The Sound Blaster Roar can compete in sound quality with existing stereo systems in your home, but is small (57 x 202 x 115 mm) and weight (1 kg). The portable speaker has been designed from the ground up, using Creative's rich experience in audio technology and years of research into speaker design. The Sound Blaster Roar represents the pinnacle of portable wireless audio. The Sound Blaster ROAR is revolutionizing the home and portable stereo market. This device combines: wireless connection, portability, high quality and powerful sound, voice recorder, MP3 player, teleconferencing, rechargeable battery. All of this can fit in your hand and accompany you wherever you go.  Sound Blaster Roar - Creative's New Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker  Sound Blaster Roar - Creative's New Wireless Portable Stereo Speaker

Sound Blaster Roar features:

– The Sound Blaster Roar has two amplifiers, unlike other portable speakers, to deliver amazingly powerful and balanced bass, clear mids and highs. – Diffuse high frequencies in the far field for balanced reproduction of high frequencies. The active high-amplitude woofers drive the mids and lows upward, while the side radiators add even more bass to the sound. – The special design of the Sound Blaster Roar has a low center of gravity for improved speaker stability. This means the device will not move or rattle, even at high volume levels. – ROAR button: when you need to provide powerful sound. For example, at parties and events, you can instantly increase the volume, depth and depth of sound by pressing the ROAR button. – Built-in omnidirectional microphone provides high-quality voice pickup and is ideal for teleconferencing. – Built-in MP3 / WMA player with microSD card. Play your music straight from the MicroSD card without the need to connect to the user's smart device. – Built-in voice recorder allows you to quickly and easily record audio directly to your MicroSD card. – Sound Blaster Roar supports aptX® and AAC codecs, which provide low latency Bluetooth connectivity. The sound quality will be the same as with a wired connection. – NFC connection. One touch is enough to wirelessly pair your Sound Blaster Roar and a supported device NFC. – Up to two Bluetooth enabled stereo devices can be connected to the Sound Blaster Roar at the same time! Creative Multipoint makes it easy to select your audio source, such as switching between your smartphone and tablet. – Bedtime mode – gradually decreases the volume before automatically turning off. This saves energy instead of playing music all night. – Life-Saver Mode. The Sound Blaster Roar has a special operating mode that plays different sounds at random intervals to keep the user alert. – Rechargeable battery for dual use. The 6000 mAh battery, in addition to battery life up to 8 hours in playback mode, can also charge smartphones and tablets. – Built-in siren allows you to instantly attract attention, for example, when holding a massive outdoor event or in an emergency. – Additional Sound Blaster features. With a USB speaker connection, you can enjoy audio processing for your PC or Mac by downloading Sound Blaster Control Panel software with SBX Pro Studio ™ technologies that intelligently enhance sound in real time. – Size: 57 x 202 x 115 mm – Weight: 1.1 kg Wireless portable stereo speaker Sound Blaster Roar will be available on the Russian market at the end of May 2014 at a price of 8 999 rubles. For more product information, visit the Creative website.

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