Spy Lens – lens for iPhone for spy shooting

Spy Lens - lens for iPhone for spy shooting

There are countless smartphone accessories currently on the market iPhone. These are covers, protective films, docking stations, and even lenses. One of these photo accessories was officially announced by the American company Photojojo.

Photojojo's new Spy Lens can be classified as a 'spy gadget' because it allows you to take photos without being noticed by others. It is specially designed for photojournalists (paparazzi) and is ideal for situations where the attention of the 'subject' is not desired.

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Spy Lens by Photojojo is an overlay lens for iPhone, which, thanks to a special mirror system, allows you to shoot objects located at an angle of 90 degrees to the axis of the lens itself. It attaches to the smartphone camera with a pre-installed metal ring using magnets and rotates 360 degrees. With the new lens, you can shoot anything to the right, left, above or below iPhone itself and the Spy Lens attached to it.

Spy Lens - lens for iPhone for spy shooting

I note that Photojojo has already released a similar Super-Secret Spy Lens for Nikon professional SLR cameras.

You can order Spy Lens for iPhone on the official website of Photojojo. Its cost will be $ 20 excluding shipping.

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