Square Reader is a compact POS terminal for iPhone

Square Reader is a compact POS terminal for iPhone

Former engineer of an American company Apple Jesse Dorogusker developed a plastic bank card scanner for smartphones iPhone. It is called Square Reader and is already available for ordering.

Square Reader is a compact POS terminal. It connects to iPhone, iPad and any Android devices via a standard 3.5mm audio jack. For full functioning, a special application must also be installed on a mobile device, which is available for download in online stores App Store and Google Play.

It is worth noting that Square has previously released bank card scanners. But compared to its predecessors, the Square Reader has a thinner and stronger body (40% thinner) and is highly energy efficient. In addition, the new terminal allows swiping with a plastic card in both directions for reading data.

Let me remind you that Jesse Dorogusker worked in Apple as an engineer for eight years and even had his hand in the development of the proprietary lightning compact interface, which first appeared in iPhone 5. He now holds a post at Square vice president of devices and is actively involved in the creation of gadgets.

You can order the scanner right now on the official website of the manufacturer.

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