Velocity Clip – unique mount for iPhone and Android – smartphones

Velocity Clip - unique mount for iPhone and Android - smartphones Modern smartphones are equipped with good cameras. And the unique Velocity Clip tripod will turn them into real action cameras, the project of which was launched on the Kickstarter Internet site. Velocity Clip is a unique mount for iPhone and Android smartphones. A tripod allows you to mount your smartphone on any hard surface or attach it to your head, chest or bicycle handlebars. The Velocity Clip is made of durable plastic and comes with sticky rubber pads that allow you to attach your smartphone to any hard surface. The user can rotate the fixed smartphone 180 degrees. The Velocity Clip is not only compatible with iPhone and other smartphones, but also compact cameras. A project developed by California student athletes is currently in the fundraising phase. They need $ 5,000 to start mass production and have raised more than $ 3,000 through Kickstarter to date. Support the developers and order the Velocity Clip here. Deliveries of the unique accessory will begin in November this year.

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