Wiggly is a unique stabilizer for iPhone

Wiggly is a unique stabilizer for iPhone

Smartphones iPhone have good cameras, but they need photo accessories to turn them into full-fledged cameras. In particular, iPhone lacks an image stabilization feature that avoids 'shake' while filming.

Replacing the built-in stabilization can be the Wiggly handheld gimbal, a project that was launched on the online fundraiser Kickstarter.

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The Wiggly is a unique gimbal for iPhone and GoPro action cameras that is compact and easy to hold in your hand. Swivel mounts for iPhone are made of high quality, durable aluminum with anodized finish.

The stabilizer can be controlled remotely using a special joystick. Three AAA batteries provide Wiggly autonomy.

The Wiggly stabilizer allows you to record video while moving, and, moreover, it ensures that there is no hateful shake in the frame.

The Wiggly stabilizer project was developed by Ivan Stamatovski from New York and was launched yesterday on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. To start mass production, you need 50 thousand dollars.

In the first day, more than a thousand dollars were collected. You can support the project and order a unique stabilizer here. The start of deliveries is scheduled for early next year.

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