Wireless Charging Project for iPhone Successfully Funded

Wireless Charging Project for iPhone Successfully Funded In early November, we talked about the wireless charging kit for smartphones iPhone. It was successfully funded with the support of Indiegogo users and the production of a unique accessory will soon start. For a month, the developers managed to collect more than 140 thousand dollars, which is four and a half times more than was required to start mass production. Funding for the project will continue for another 10 days, during which you can support it and order a unique iQi Mobile charger on the Indiegogo portal. The start of deliveries is scheduled for January next year. Let me remind you that iQi Mobile is a kit for wireless charging of a smartphone iPhone according to the Qi standard. It consists of a charging panel and a special pad for a smartphone that connects to it via a compact Lightning connector. It is noteworthy that neither the case nor the bumper worn on iPhone will interfere with wireless charging. The charger is compatible with smartphones iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c and iPod touch media player 5G. The company promises to release iQi Mobile for Apple tablets soon.

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