ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker

We continue our reviews of Creative's wireless speaker line. Which is ideal for creating a music system based on iPhone. Today our guest is the ZiiSound D5x speaker.

I would like to point out the versatility of this device. The speaker system works with all stereo Bluetooth – compatible devices. Laptops, smartphones, tablets. For the owner of an iPod where there is no built-in Bluetooth, a special Bluetooth – BT-D5 transmitter is included in the kit. That is, almost everything can be connected to it by air.

You can switch from one source to another in a couple of movements, and no wires.

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker


Despite its compact appearance, the speaker system is rather weighty. This means that there will be no parasitic vibration when playing bass.

In addition to the speaker itself, the kit includes a network adapter, an audio cable, Bluetooth – a BT-D5 transmitter, and an instruction, which in principle is not needed.

Connecting via Bluetooth does not cause problems. Having tuned in once to the source, the speaker will automatically pick it up each time it is turned on.

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System

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All device control is touch-sensitive, and is reduced to a volume control and an on-off button Bluetooth. The volume control is similar to that of the Sound BlasterAxx SBX 10.

The indication is made in the form of a linear scale made of LEDs.

Turn on and listen

The first thing you notice is the quality of the bass. The air flow from the bass reflex is well felt if you put your hand there. Therefore, the weight of the column is fully justified. Even at maximum volume, no rattles and extraneous sounds were noticed.

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System

I would also like to note the high-quality stereo sound. Despite the small stereo base, the system pleases with full stereo sound.

The ZiiSound D5x is equally good at playing any kind of music. From club music to jazz. This is a versatile speaker without much talent. Vocals sound clear, without distortion. Musical instruments are heard well across the entire sound range. As noted earlier, deep bass adds volume.

I was very pleased with the possibility of connecting the iPod Classic wirelessly, where almost all your favorite music is collected on 160 GB. Just connect the BT-D5 transmitter to the player Bluetooth and transfer the music to the speaker.

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System

Another feature of the ZiiSound D5x is the ability to connect other components or similar speakers to the system. You can connect a subwoofer and 2 similar ZiiSound D5x by air. And in this way, how to assemble the desired configuration of a home theater from cubes. In this case, one of the speakers acts as a signal source for other systems.

ZiiSound D5x Wireless Speaker System

In general, if you need a versatile portable wireless speaker, take a look at the Creative ZiiSound D5x, the performance of this kit will definitely not disappoint you.

More information regarding the ZiiSound D5x can be found on the manufacturer's website.

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