Apple Watch Series 5 Features Overview, Release Date & Pricing

On September 10, Apple presented an update to its smartwatch: Apple Watch Series 5.

Let's tell you what is known about the characteristics of Apple Watch Series 5. The key feature is the Always-On display – it is made using LTPO technology. The watch also got a new Retina screen – it never goes out, but at the same time it has low power consumption. This is because Apple Watch change brightness automatically thanks to the built-in light sensor.

apple iwatch 2019 In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Cupertino promised that the clock will work an average of 18 hours.

New features

Apple Watch Series 5 introduces a compass and support for worldwide emergency calls. This feature works everywhere – no matter where you bought and activated the watch. This option will be useful for travelers. Unfortunately, in Apple Watch – 2019 no sleep tracker was added.

Design options, release date and prices in Russia

The new Apple Watch 2019 is the first watch from Apple, made in a titanium case. Its peculiarity is that it is lighter and stronger than steel.

However, the watch will still be available in aluminum and steel cases. In addition, a little later Apple Watch Series 5 in a white ceramic case will be added to the range.

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will go on sale first FAS will start another check Apple

You can also purchase a special series of watches – Apple Watch Nike. They got a new dial and a silver strap.

However, buyers in our country will have to upset – you can buy Apple Watch Series 5 only in an aluminum case of 40 mm for 32,990 rubles. and 44 mm for 34,990 rubles. Steel, titanium and ceramic models will not hit the shelves as they are only available in the LTE version. But the prices for them should be announced.

▪️ in a steel case 40 mm: 45 700 rubles.
▪️ in a steel case 44 mm: 49,000 rubles.
▪️ Nike 40 mm: 32,990 rubles.
▪️ Nike 44 mm: 34 990 rubles.
▪️ in a titanium case 40 mm: 52 200 rubles.
▪️ in a titanium case 44 mm: 55 500 rubles.
▪️ in a ceramic case 44 mm: 91 500 rubles.

Apple Watch Series 5 will open on September 18th. Release date Apple Watch Series 5 in Russia – September 20, 2019.

Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 4?

Which Apple Watch to choose in 2019? Should I swap Apple Watch Series 4 for Series 5? Experts advise against doing this. The increase in performance of the new models will be difficult for users to notice. In addition, not everyone will need a compass. Always-On Display is a good feature, but even without it, the watch does not “suffer”. Overall, it's worth waiting for a more serious watch update.

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