How much is iPhone X in Russia in rubles in 2018

how much does an iPhone 10 cost in Russia

The tenth generation of flagship smartphones Apple was to the taste of buyers of Apple products – an updated design, a powerful processor, a revised operating system and a lot of entertainment features resonated in the hearts of fans iPhone. A year has passed since the start of sales, the prices for the device have become lower, so users want to know how much the iPhone 10 costs in Russia in rubles in 2018.

Cost iPhone X

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The cost of the iPhone 10 in Russia was called overestimated if we recalculate it in dollars. They asked for $ 1390 for the device, which is higher than in the countries of the European Union and Great Britain. The minimum cost of a smartphone, not counting the United States, is fixed in Japan – the flagship had to pay $ 1,019. Canada and Hong Kong were also pleased with the acceptable cost. In the US iPhone X cost $ 999, because there was no value added tax or logistics to pay. By the time the sales began, the dollar exchange rate had changed, so the iPhone 10 is about the same level as in Germany and France. For a model with 64 GB of internal memory, sellers asked for 80 thousand rubles, and for 256 GB – 92 thousand rubles. After the start of sales, it turned out that the most expensive iPhone 10 costs in Poland, Hungary and India, the difference reaches $ 100.

Cost iPhone X in Russia

The price of the flagship smartphone Apple includes customs and logistics costs. It also includes the profits of companies selling smartphones in stores. You shouldn't be surprised at this – you have to pay for the quality, especially when buying a 'clean' smartphone. Users noted that in Japan iPhone it is cheaper than in some American states – where sales tax reaches 10 percent of the cost of the device. Smartphone prices have dropped all over the world, so users decided it was a good time to switch to an updated smartphone with top-end 'stuffing'. There is something to pay for – the updated A11 Bionic processor ensures a stable and high-speed smartphone. The device is protected from dust and moisture, has a dual camera and a widescreen rich display.

Now about the cost – the average cost of a smartphone has dropped by at least 10 thousand rubles. For a model with 64 GB of internal memory for storing user files, you will have to pay 69-70 thousand rubles. But the cost of the model with 256 GB of memory has decreased by 15-17 thousand, on average in the country they ask for a device from 72 to 77 thousand rubles. Experts predict a further decline in cost – with the release of new models, the 'top ten' will lose relevance.

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