The clock now shows not only the time

Of course, now every second person will say that the clock has shown not only the time for a long time, but also the day of the week, year, time of day, weather, etc. But we are not talking about Swiss mechanical and quartz watches. Their functions have long been known to everyone. But what do you know about electronic analogues? The time has long passed when we simply looked at the hour in numbers, now a new era has come – helping humanity in daily affairs.

The clock now shows not only the time

It sounds a little “loud”, but it is. Tell me, what do you do every day? We will remove brushing and breakfast, and stop at calls, alarms, checking mail and messages on social networks, viewing the weather and news, and more. Yes, all of this can be done using a smartphone. But it is not always at hand, and there is no time to regularly take it out of your pocket or bag. Otherwise, just raise your hand, and the most important information will be displayed on the main screen. Well, for those who monitor their health and follow a healthy lifestyle, a smartwatch is a must. Let's figure it out a little more in detail.

Why is a smartwatch good?

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Unfortunately, many people still have not appreciated all the unique capabilities of fitness bracelets. And this is their huge omission. Have you noticed that lately people have started to monitor their health more? A healthy nation is no longer a myth, but a reality. And it's not only about proper nutrition, which is also important, but also about playing sports. In order to lose weight, it is important to be in a calorie deficit. For athletes who need weight gain, a calorie surplus is necessary. But how do you know how much calories you actually burn per day? This is where the Xiaomi Mi Band watch comes to the rescue. This is not only a stylish accessory that you can change to suit your mood (and many models have straps of different colors), but also an incredibly useful thing. You will always know how many steps you walked in the whole day. And as you know, to maintain health, it is important to walk at least 8 thousand steps a day. In addition, it will know how many calories have been burned. The count is very accurate. But if you do sports (run on a treadmill, ride a bike or exercise), then select this section in the application pre-installed on your phone. Each of these sections will have their own parameters calculated. Thus, you will no longer need to strain and calculate your indicators yourself. A stylish gadget will do it for you.

For those who are worried about its endurance and the feasibility of acquiring, let's say the following:

  • the fitness bracelet is shockproof and waterproof. With it you can dive to a level of 50 meters under water. So for swimmers and active people – they are not a hindrance;
  • the battery charge lasts about 21 days (depending on the model);
  • modern models have fast charging, so you do not spend a lot of time recharging;
  • it is possible to accept and reject a phone call;
  • read a text message;
  • receive various notifications from applications from your phone;
  • set an alarm;
  • monitor the quality and duration of sleep;
  • and other.

The price will pleasantly surprise everyone, so you shouldn't postpone the purchase. You just read the reviews about Xiaomi and you will understand that the future has already arrived and it is time to get to know it better.

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