3 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About iPod

3 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About iPod


Today, October 23rd, the legendary iPod turns 17 years old. In honor of this, we decided to tell you 3 interesting facts about this player, which you probably have not heard about.

Fact one

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The original idea for a player the size of a cigarette pack that could hold a thousand songs came from independent engineer Tony Fadell. Steve Jobs was able to convince Fadell that he should partner with Apple. It is thanks to this that popularly beloved players were born.

3 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About iPod

Fact two

Hardly anyone remembers that 17 years ago, the Californian company was not famous for its customer focus. It may surprise you, but the warranty period for the first iPods was only 3 months, and for each, even verbal, support call you had to pay … a fixed amount of $ 49!

3 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About iPod

Fact three

The power output of the first iPods was very high at 120 dB. That is why the legislation of some states prohibited the sale of players on their territory. Then in Apple they decided on the hardware localization of the iPod for a number of countries, including France, which fixed the maximum power of the player at 100 dB.

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