How to disassemble iPod Touch

Disassembly of the Ipod Touch is needed in case of replacement of failed parts or the need to install a replaceable battery. This operation is relatively simple, especially in comparison with the disassembly of some earlier models, but requires the utmost care. Please be aware that opening the iPod will void the manufacturer's warranty. The owner assumes responsibility for possible problems.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

Before disassembling the iPod, you should prepare all the necessary tools and a workplace, removing all unnecessary and cleaning the table from dust. Good light will help you act confidently. A special magnifying glass on a movable tripod will come in handy.

Tools used

You will need the following disassembly tools:

  1. To soften the glue in the joints, a hot air gun is indispensable.
  2. To open the iPod case, you need a special hard plastic tool.
  3. A thin Phillips screwdriver is needed when you need to remove the Phillips screws.
  4. Some of the iPod connectors are not soldered to the board, but you will still need a soldering iron, for example, to replace the battery.
  5. You may need a piece of a thin metal strip or a scalpel to separate the glued cable.


Before starting disassembly, you should perform a few simple steps:

  • create a backup copy of your data – you can use iCloud or iTunes for these purposes;
  • remove the cover or screen protector;
  • it makes sense to disable the iPod lock function.

All this will help to save data and resume the iPod after assembly.

Disassembly instructions

First, the touch screen is warmed up with a hot air gun, we dismantle the iPod completely only after this step. The adhesive that holds the display module will soften when heated.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

Then, using a plastic tool, the iPod case is opened around the perimeter.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

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After that, you need to unscrew all the screws and carefully loosen, so as not to break the loop, the electromagnetic shield. Some parts can be removed without soldering, such as the headphone jack. You only need to unscrew the screw and disconnect the ribbon cable from it.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

The iPod motherboard, battery, and display are one piece and must be removed completely. This is prevented by the headset button cable, which is soldered to the motherboard on one side, and glued to the case on the other. But you can still do this if you carefully separate the cable from the case with a scalpel.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

By separating all copper strips of the cable from the housing and touch panel, you can remove the copper shield adjacent to the battery. After that, the motherboard is disassembled. Using a plastic tool, you can detach the iPod display module, rear and front cameras, external antenna from the motherboard.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

At this stage, you can already get to the chips, so the disassembly can be considered over.

How to disassemble iPod Touch

Safety engineering

Handle the battery with care. Excessive pressure on it or overheating can lead to an explosion and fire. When replacing, use a battery of the same brand.

All iPod cables are thin and easily damaged, especially because they are firmly adhered to the glue in some places. In this case, you can use a hot air gun and scalpel. When disconnecting iPod modules connected by a ribbon cable, gently pull them apart without jerking them.

The front glass and LCD panel are soldered to each other, so they are completely replaceable. You should not try to separate them.

What to do if your iPod won't turn on after assembly

Assembly is carried out sequentially, steps are performed in the reverse order of disassembly. The iPod should be checked for proper operation immediately after it has been assembled. If the player does not turn on, you can try to remember which of the actions during assembly was done incorrectly or was skipped. In this case, carefully disassemble the iPod again and then carefully go through all the assembly steps. It makes sense to record the disassembly process on video.

If any part is damaged, contact a specialized workshop to have it replaced.

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