Overview iPod Touch 4

IPod touch 4 is a functional player with the ability to play audio and video, as well as make calls and even send SMS. The improved model makes it possible not only to dry the music, but also while away the time playing games. The iPod Touch is packed in a transparent box with a special plate inside that holds the device in a stationary state, which is convenient for transportation.

Overview iPod Touch 4

Unlike other similar players, Touch 4 allows you to view images from all angles without blurring, glare or other blemishes. The display does not strain your eyes while reading and watching videos for a long period of time, which is an advantage of such a device. No blurry icons and labels, no blurring, which is important.


Description and specifications of ipod touch 4:

  1. Excellent performance for which the SoC system is responsible Apple A4.
  2. The iPod has two cameras. The front one is of high quality, while the other (rear) is slightly worse. Both cameras lack flash. The resolution is 960 by 720.
  3. FaceTime lets you make calls.
  4. The weight of the device is about 100 g.
  5. Processor – Apple A4 800 MHz.
  6. Playback and storage of video in MPEG-4, M-JPEG format.
  7. Autofocus and backlight are missing.
  8. TV tuner and radio are missing.


The fourth generation iPod touch comes in a plastic box.

Overview iPod Touch 4

Inside you can also find a pair of headphones, a charger and a user manual detailing how to properly operate the player. The device is charged only from a laptop, since it does not have an adapter in the kit. This is a minor disadvantage, which is offset by performance. If you wish, you can purchase an adapter at any specialty store.


If we talk about the appearance iPod Touch 4, then the surface of the case is made of metal. This player looks stylish, but it is easily scratched if used carelessly. On the front surface there is glass, which is not distinguished by its strength. The iPod Touch 4, which measures 111 by 58 mm, has a convenient screen for watching videos.

The device is light and thin. The Home button is located on the front panel under the screen. Volume controls can be found on the side. The device can be turned on and off using the button located at the top. The screen is touch sensitive, does not need to be repeated. The sensor is of high quality, as on all similar models.

The fourth generation iPod touch is 1mm thinner than its predecessor, making it even more stylish and lightweight.


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Retina display is of higher quality than standard LCD screens. The resolution is 960 by 640 pixels. If you pay attention to the quality when playing audio or video, you can find high color rendering. All shades are preserved. Complementary colors do not appear. There is no image distortion. Display diagonal – 3.5 inches.

Overview iPod Touch 4


Touch 4 interface: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can only make Skype calls using your wireless network. The player is not designed for standard communication using a SIM card. Bluetooth allows you to quickly transfer the music and video you need.


RAM iPod Touch 4 – 256 MB. If this volume is insufficient when loading the browser, a notification will appear on the display.

Working hours

The charge will last approximately 40 hours of operation iPod Touch when it comes to listening to music. Battery life is reduced to 7 hours for watching videos. If we compare the battery of this iPod with others, we can note the high quality of the Touch 4.

Sound quality

A small built-in speaker iPod Touch allows you to listen to music at normal volume and watch videos without using headphones. The player has a high quality sound reproduction, like many other devices of the brand Apple. Loud speakers delivering clear, distortion-free sound are another innovation.

The sound is more bass than its predecessor, which is a definite plus and allows you to put iPod Touch 4 a solid five. Audio reproduction is more spacious and clear, which is comfortable for perception.


The fourth generation iPod touch is fast. Do not overload it, as the load on the processor leads to lags, in which 3D games are difficult to play. It is also not recommended to open many tabs at once. Summarizing these characteristics of the device, we can safely say that it outperforms its predecessor in terms of quality of work, performance and playback of music and video.

The compact display, easy to use, requires careful handling. Despite the metal panel, it is easy to damage it and break the screen. It is advisable to keep the ipod touch in a case or use the plastic box that comes with the kit.

The player is getting closer and closer in functionality to the iPhone. If you add the ability to use a SIM card, then there will be no price for such a device. The iPod touch 4 is excellent at playing HD video, which is not the case with its third generation predecessor.

Whatever the characteristics of this device, it will never replace the phone. Therefore, before purchasing such an expensive little thing, you should weigh the pros and cons. An additional disadvantage is a slightly lame service. Details sometimes have to wait for a long time. The software is also not well thought out on this model.

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