How to charge iPod Shuffle

Audio players iPod Shuffle of the company Apple – digital devices for listening to music, playlists, audio files by synchronizing them from the Internet, computer, iTunes Store program. The operating time of the players depends on the built-in battery. Charging for iPod Shuffle all generations is quick and easy.

To find out how long the gadget takes to charge, how to charge it, you need to consider these issues in more detail.

general information

Replacing the built-in battery is possible only at authorized service centers Apple. Therefore, the user must be able to properly operate it. For optimal performance, the battery must be fully charged before using the player for the first time. After 2 hours the charge level will be 80%, after 3 hours it will be 100%.

The audio player is charged in 2 ways:

  • connecting to a computer;
  • connecting to the USB power adapter Apple.

How to charge iPod Shuffle

USB cable – A power cord with a 3.5mm plug on one side and a USB plug on the other. Cables from different generations are similar, but not suitable for charging. So, wire iPod Shuffle 2 cannot be used to recharge 3 and 4 and vice versa.

When connecting to a computer, make sure that it does not go into 'sleep' mode. It should be noted that some Mac models support charging in sleep mode.

A colored indicator located on the body of the gadget informs about the current state of the battery.

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Each color corresponds to this level:

  • green – 26-100%;
  • yellow – 11-25%;
  • red – 1-10%;
  • flashing red – less than 1%;
  • off – 0%.

In the latest version of the player Apple there is voice guidance using the latest development – the VoiceOver function.

Charging iPod Shuffle 1st generation

For iPod Shuffle 1 charging is done as follows:

  1. Determine the battery charge level. Find the Battery status button on the back of the gadget.
  2. To charge through a computer, first turn on the appliance, then remove the cap from the player and insert it into the USB port of the computer.
  3. Using the adapter, connect the gadget to the socket of the AC device, then connect the power supply to the network. If using an extension cord, attach one end of the wire to the AC adapter and the other to the audio player. Plug into a working outlet.

How to charge iPod Shuffle

Charging iPod Shuffle 2nd generation

The battery Apple iPod Shuffle 2 is charged as follows:

  1. Check the discharge level of the device according to the color scheme of the status indicator.
  2. Connect the USB cable to your computer or power adapter Apple. To do this, connect the cable plug to a high-power USB port on your computer or to the power supply connector, and the plug to the player's connector.
  3. Connect the power supply unit Apple to the mains.
  4. Check if all devices are connected correctly. During charging, the indicator should glow orange, when finished – green.

How to charge iPod Shuffle

Charge iPod Shuffle 3rd generation

For the 3rd generation of audio players, you need to do the following:

  1. Check the charge, quickly turn off and on the device, look at the status of the indicator. At the minimum charge level, the indication is red.
  2. To connect to a computer, plug the USB cable into the USB port of the equipment, the other end with the plug into the audio player. The computer must be turned on.
  3. Through the AC adapter, the process is carried out in the same way, only the cable plug is inserted into the power supply connector and plugged into the network. Check if the adapter is assembled correctly before plugging it in.

How to charge iPod Shuffle

Charging iPod Shuffle 4th generation

The 4th generation player Apple is charged in the same way, with the only difference that the VoiceOver button is used to determine the charge level.

The number of recharge cycles is limited. The durability of the devices and the number of cycles depend on the operating mode and settings.

How to charge iPod Shuffle

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