How to quickly download music from iPod to computer

Before downloading music from iPod to your computer, you should decide on the tools, the choice of which depends on the type of operating system and personal preference.

Method 1 – sync via iTunes

Transferring music from iPod to computer via iTunes is the easiest way. The app itself can be downloaded for free from the official website Apple.

Each device must have an Internet connection and sign in to your iTunes Store account. In this case, it is desirable to have the same version of the application, preferably the latest. Copying music between devices, and in both directions, will happen automatically through the servers that iTunes uses.

How to quickly download music from iPod to computer

Method 2 – third-party programs

When using the iTunes app, there is a limit to the number of devices synced with each other. In addition, it is not always possible to use an iTunes Store account. In this case, you can try other programs, when working with which there are no such problems. They also allow you to copy files in both directions: you can transfer them from a PC to an iPod, or drop them from a device to a computer.


First of all, you need to install FoneTrans on your computer and launch. The iTunes application, if present, must be closed. After connecting the iPod to the computer, the device is automatically recognized and displayed in the app. Now you need to go to Media by clicking on this item in the left menu.

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To select the music you want to download, check the boxes next to the corresponding songs. Then select Export to PC from the menu above.

Adding files from your computer to your iPod is just as easy using the menu at the top.

How to quickly download music from iPod to computer


This program does not require special installation and is ready to launch and use immediately after copying to your computer or directly to your iPod.

Exporting songs to your computer is simple – just select tracks and click on the Song menu and then Copy to. After that, you need to select the folder where the files will be copied.

It's even easier to add music to your iPod – just drag the folder with files to the program's tracks area.

How to quickly download music from iPod to computer

Method 3 – sync music via iCloud

With iCloud, you can sync your iPod with all your devices, including your computer or laptop. Each of them will transfer their files for storage to the cloud, where they will be available from other devices.

To use iCloud on a computer running Windows from the official website Apple, you need to download iCloudSetup. Then install and run this application. In the window that opens, you must specify Apple the ID that was used to create the iCloud account. Then you need to select the components that will be used and then click 'Apply'.

How to quickly download music from iPod to computer

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