What to do if iTunes can't see your iPod

Sometimes you need to connect your iPod to your computer in order to download audio and video files or to transfer applications that are already purchased from App Store. But there are situations in which iTunes does not see the iPod. They cause inconvenience to the user, and therefore you need to know how to fix this problem.

Possible causes and remedies

There are various reasons why your computer cannot see your iPod. The reasons for not recognizing a gadget are often a software failure or a gadget malfunction. In case of some breakdowns, you can do it yourself, but if this is not in the user's competence, then you need to contact the service center.

What to do if iTunes can't see your iPod

Damaged USB cable

If the computer does not see the iPod, but is charging via USB, then the reason is a damaged USB cable or USB port on the computer used. Therefore, you first need to inspect them for visible damage and dirt. If possible, you can replace the wire during testing with a known good one. The non-original cable can charge the gadget, but cannot transfer data.

After this test, you need to check whether the Mobile Device USB Driver is displayed in the 'Device Manager' or not. Everything is fine if the Device USB Driver is displayed, if not, then you should find the appropriate driver.

USB driver not installed

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Together with iTunes, the component Apple Mobile Device Support is automatically installed, which is required for the device to function with iOS. If this part is missing, then you need to reinstall iTunes. If necessary, find the driver and reinstall it.

Outdated version of iTunes

After checking the drivers, open iTunes. Next, you need to see which version is installed: if the latest version of iTunes, then everything is in order. If not, it is likely that iTunes does not recognize the iPod for this reason. To fix the problem, first uninstall iTunes, and then install the latest version.

What to do if iTunes can't see your iPod

Not updated software

Often the gadget can remain 'invisible' to non-updated iTunes software because Apple does not allow the updated version iOS to work with the old version of iTunes. Therefore, you just need to update the application and software on your computer, and then restart both devices.

iTunes can't see iPod in Microsoft Windows

If iTunes does not see the iPod in the operating system Microsoft Windows, then you should do the following:

  1. First, you need to close iTunes, after turning off your device.
  2. Click on Start => Run, after which a window will appear in which you need to enter services.msc.
  3. Find Apple Mobile Device and click on 'Stop' in the next window. What to do if iTunes can't see your iPod
  4. When the stop is completed, there you need to click on 'Start'.
  5. We restart the PC. After this action, Aytyuns will be able to work with the iPod.

If these actions solved the problem, then select the automatic launch Apple Mobile Device, so as not to encounter such troubles in the future. If drivers are causing this problem, right-click on the 'Write Apple iPod' option in Device Manager and select 'Update Driver' from the context menu.

ITunes doesn't see iPod in Mac OS

  1. Disconnect the gadget from the computer device by closing it in iTunes in advance.
  2. Launch the basic Finder file manager and move the following components to the Trash: the iTunes folder, the iTunes shortcut from the launcher, the file Apple MobileDevice.kext, the file Apple MobileDeviceSupport.pkg.
  3. Restart your PC.
  4. Empty the Trash and restart your PC again.
  5. Update iTunes for Mac to the latest version.
  6. Connect your iPod.

Contacting support Apple

If the cause of the problem is not included in the above list or the methods did not fix the problem, then you need to contact the company's support service Apple.

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