Alisa: founder of the advertising agency TALKS

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Alisa: founder of the advertising agency TALKS

I am Alisa, the head of my own advertising agency TALKS. For half a year now I have been looking for partners, developing strategic advertising plans, painting visual design and content for a month in advance. I do my best to convince my clients that internet marketing works, and the fact that they have not received applications from social networks and contextual advertising before means only that they had no luck with contractors.

A lot of work. So far, I am alone and do everything in my TALKS: setting the target, and content-making, and accounting, and drawing up contracts. I have been managing social networks for other companies, website development, contextual advertising, banner design, photo-video shooting, branding for digital platforms. Thus, my ad agency specializes in generating internet leads.

In order to keep up with everything, I work from two computers and two phones. Therefore, I always have the opportunity to compare products Apple with other gadgets.

I am currently using iPhone 6 and Macbook air 13 '. iPhone my mother once brought from the USA – they took the newest one at that time. In 2014, I replaced my dying old phone with it. Time passed, and my gallant soldier lived hard. True, last year it had to be relegated to the background because of the slowly opening camera.

Alisa: founder of the advertising agency TALKS

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I started a relationship with Macbook quite recently, last February. I bought it for work, to be mobile and work wherever I want. We have great love with him! Me, him and the hard drive – so no need to be distracted by the modest laptop memory.

I frankly enjoy this gadget and recommend it to everyone: easy to carry, quick to work and show off, what is there to hide (smiles).

All in all, I like that there is no need to transfer data from iPhone to Mac – there is synchronization for this. Most often, I use pages, keynotes and the third type excel (I don’t remember what it’s called), they are more convenient and much easier to use. They have a bunch of beautiful templates, so sometimes you don't even have to think about the design.

Although in Microsoft you can “jump” across screens, but in Mac OS this function is somehow more visual. And this is very convenient and useful!

Alisa: founder of the advertising agency TALKS

Moreover, it is very important for me that the products are very compact. I can take Macbook along with the charger and the mouse anywhere and not overstrain. It gives a sense of freedom.

I think that subject to financial stability, sooner or later I will buy myself a Mac Pro and Apple watch. The main positive qualities in devices Apple for me are mobility, convenience and show-off (laughs).

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