Analogs Apple Watch

Even before the release Apple Watch, other companies also released many analogs of smartwatches, but due to inactive advertising, the whole world could not find out about such gadgets.

Analogs Apple Watch

Global companies have produced devices similar to Apple Watch, which I would like to note:

Sony Smart Watch 2 / SW2

The smartwatch is quite large, has a square-shaped case, a 1.6-inch display. The image quality and screen resolution are not high, but quite acceptable for everyday use.

A great advantage of the model is the battery, which holds a charge up to 7 days. Unfortunately, notifications are made only by vibrating signals. Released in only one model, for which you can buy various straps. Yes Bluetooth 3.0, SMS messages, calls, social networks, waterproof case.

The disadvantages include: the weight of the device is 122 grams, there are no sensors for tracking movements, heart rate and height.

Analogs Apple Watch

Motorola Moto 360

The main distinguishing feature is the round case, a very light model weighing 46 grams. Released in the following colors: silver, black, gold. You can change the straps to match the color or style of the smartwatch case. Has Bluetooth 4.0 LE, to receive and transmit information, you need an Android OS.

You can exchange messages, manage calls, use an e-mail box, use music, social networks, etc. Infected wirelessly, protected from moisture, shockproof, there is an optical-type heart rate monitor.

Cons: the inability to change the straps, the battery lasts only a day.

Analogs Apple Watch

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

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Has no camera, 1.63-inch square display. The weight of the model is 55 g. Made in the following colors: orange, black, light brown and brown. Notifications come in the form of a sound or vibration signal. Installed Bluetooth 4.0 LE, you can use wireless headphones, SMS messages, call functions. It is possible to see information about the training regime, heart rate.

It works without charging for 2-3 days, and the battery gets infected using a docking station, the straps are removable, the case is moisture-resistant, and has protection against mechanical damage.

The main disadvantage is the watch compatibility only with the manufacturer's devices.

Analogs Apple Watch

Asus Zen Watch

It has a small size, innovative construction, exquisite design in a classic version. 1.63-inch screen, weight 75 g. For such a modern device, the manufacturer asks the corresponding price. The smartwatch is presented by one model, for which many removable straps have been released. Sound and vibration type notifications are available.

Connects to the phone using Bluetooth 4.0 LE, allows you to use messages, calls, e-mail, the Internet, social networks. The waterproof case has a built-in microphone, and you can also control the phone camera.

The disadvantages include the lack of sensors of physical parameters for training.

Analogs Apple Watch

Samsung Gear S

Has modern functionality that is almost the same as Apple Watch's feature set. The display is almost 2 inches in size, has a convex extended shape by design, as well as clear contrasting colors. Equipped with many functions, sensors and additional features. Infected using a USB cable, is equipped with vibration and sound signals.

Supports connection via Bluetooth 4.1. You can use calls, messages, GPS sensor, built-in Wi-Fi, mail and social networks.

Cons: relatively large size.

Analogs Apple Watch

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