I on Apple Watch

When using a wristwatch from the company Apple, the user is faced with a lot of icons on the display, the meaning of which may not be clear to him. The i icon on Apple Watch appears immediately after turning on the device and selecting the language. Let's try to figure out what it is for.

Where is the i icon and what does it mean

This symbol is not a button designed to control a gadget. The i icon appears on the screen during the pairing process between the smartwatch and the IPhone. It first appears after turning on the device in the upper right corner of the display, along with an inscription saying that it is necessary to turn on the smartphone and start synchronizing gadgets. During this procedure, the icon moves to the lower right corner of the screen.

I on Apple Watch

Synchronization with iPhone

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By default, the wristwatch and the host device are automatically synchronized. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the clock and select the language most convenient for the user.
  2. On the iPhone, select the icon symbolizing Apple Watch. The system will offer to start the pairing procedure. The i icon moved to the lower right corner on the watch display indicates that the process has begun.
  3. Now you need to bring the watch to the camera, aligning it with the animation on the display, and press the Settings button Apple Watch that appears below.
    I on Apple Watch
  4. The system will ask on which hand the user wears the watch. Choose right or left.
  5. An agreement on the terms of use of the software appears on the screen. The user needs to familiarize himself with it and press the appropriate button.
  6. The system will display information about the local geolocation service and voice assistant Siri. Then you will need to select the diagnostic data transfer mode.
  7. Now you need to create a 4-digit password for your wrist gadget. After pressing the corresponding button on the IPhone, numbers will appear on the watch screen. Enter and remember the password.
    I on Apple Watch
  8. The system will offer to install the applications necessary for the operation. You can install them all at once in auto mode or select the desired programs later.
    I on Apple Watch
  9. Synchronization is almost complete. It remains to wait a couple of tens of seconds.

You can create a pair manually if necessary. In this case, the sequence of actions will be slightly different from the previous option:

  1. We place the devices in close proximity to each other.
  2. From the list of applications on the smartphone, select Apple Watch.
  3. A manual pairing option will be offered at the bottom of the display. We select this option.
    I on Apple Watch
  4. Click the i icon.
  5. The name of the watch should appear on iPhone. From this moment on, the synchronization procedure is performed in the same way as in the automatic mode.

In some cases, it is required to break the pair. The sequence of actions will depend on how the device is located and whether it is in close proximity to the smartphone. If the gadgets are nearby, you should select the clock on the IPhone screen, press the i button and break the pair.

When the phone is far away, the procedure is performed on the display Apple Watch. To do this, go to the settings of the wrist device, select the main ones and reset them.

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