Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

It has been 4 years since the world first appreciated a smartwatch from a tech giant Apple. The device is designed for making calls, sending messages, viewing notifications, connecting to the Internet, as well as measuring the heart rate and tracking the physical condition of the “owner”.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

In 2018, the 4th version Apple Watch Series was announced. Smart watches will appear on store shelves on September 21, pre-orders are available from September 14, although Russia is not yet included in the countries where the product will be delivered.


Among the modern variety of gadgets, watches, albeit special ones, seem redundant. But only if this is not a device from Apple, where each option is thought out and brought to perfection. In the 2018 model, the shortcomings of the previous versions were taken into account, the developers increased the speed of work, improved and calibrated the speakers.

2 case sizes and design changes

The fourth generation smartwatch Apple was announced in September 2018. The device received a larger screen and new functions for health management.

Compared to previous models, the display size has increased by 35%. This year the company has focused on convenience, users are presented with watches with cases of 40 and 44 mm. In the 3rd generation model, the dimensions were 38 and 42 mm, respectively.

Display: bigger, more informative

The appearance of the device has undergone changes. The device has become thinner and larger by 2 mm. Positive points:

  1. By increasing the screen and reducing the frames, OLED – the display looks solid.
  2. Thanks to LIPO support, the gadget saves energy and lasts 25-30% longer.
  3. 3 case options: black, silver, gold.
  4. Ion-X glass, display brightness 1000 cd / m²
  5. Support for Force Touch technology, that is, a physical response to pressing.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

As users expected, the downside has changed. Now the bottom is made of ceramic and sapphire, looks cool and futuristic. The watch is water resistant and continues to work when submerged to 50 meters.

Speaker and microphone

The loudspeaker has become louder, you can talk without bringing the product to your ear, if the place of conversation is not noisy. The developers moved the microphone to the opposite side, which reduced the echo and had a positive effect on the quality of the conversation.

The cellular signal reception function has also been improved. However, users in Russia are unlikely to be able to appreciate it, since electronic SIM cards have not yet been introduced in our country. That kills almost the lion's share of the benefits of the gadget. In theory, you can put on a watch for a run and not take your cell phone.

Digital Crown Wheel

The interface navigation device is designed to operate a smartwatch without using your fingers. With its help, the owner can go to the home page, select an application, open and close programs.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

The Digital Crown has undergone dramatic changes. It is now 35% more compact than the Apple Watch Series 3 and is equipped with Force Touch support, while scrolling, a person can feel faint clicks, which makes it easier to operate the device. An ECG sensor is also built in here, which, when pressed for a long time, will determine the owner's heart rate.

SiP processor

In such a small digital product, the developers have included an S4 processor with two cores and a 64-bit frequency. The SiP is a single component that already houses all the elements of the processor. Thanks to this architecture, a powerful machine is housed in a small case.

The watch is incredibly nimble, 40-50% faster than the S3. The speed of working with applications, enabling or disabling options has also increased. The first models were forced to wait 1.2 and even 55 seconds, so the increase in performance is noticeable immediately.

As with the previous model, the wireless chip remains Apple W3. Apple Watch Supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, and Global Positioning Software. Smart watch memory 16 GB. The battery life is 10-12 hours. The device charging takes 2-3 hours.

Watch OS 5

The OS for the fourth generation of smartwatches from Apple turned out to be more stable, safer than the previous model, with an updated interface and capabilities. Improvements were made by the developers thanks to the elimination of applications based on the SDK Watch OS 1. They required constant communication with the iPhone and reduced productivity. Now the effectiveness of interaction between different structures has been restored.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

Cool tricks: training definition and walkie-talkie, not drastic changes, but refreshing the use of smartwatches. Another innovation is the appearance of an additional calling method Siri. Now the voice assistant can be called by raising the wrist and bringing it to the face at eye level.

Reaction to the fall of man

One of the best and most useful functions in a smartwatch. Special sensors: an accelerometer and a gyroscope, track the position of a person in space, and if he falls, they suggest calling emergency services to the place. Within a minute, the program waits for actions; if they are absent, the bot itself calls an ambulance.

The option is indispensable for the disabled, the elderly, people with chronic diseases. Sometimes the user cannot call for help himself and here Apple Watch Series 4 will be indispensable help.

True, the first tests showed malfunctions in the function. When the watch fell or suddenly changed the position, they worked correctly and offered their help. But if a person fell, the reaction was not always. Perhaps the application will be finalized.

ECG and background heart rate check

Regular monitoring of their health is now available to everyone. With the help of special sensors Apple Watch Series 4 are able to make an ECG in a few seconds.

The titanium electrode reads the heart impulse when it touches the skin surface. Unfortunately, the technology is still available only on devices for the American market.

Features of use:

  • press the wheel on the side, hold for 30 seconds;
  • the screen will display the results of the study: sinus rhythm – everything is in order, deviations – the program will report deviations.

If necessary, the signal is recorded and encrypted using a PDF file and sent to the attending physician. Manufacturers recommend the app for people over 22 years old who do not have arrhythmias.

New types of training

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Now you can arrange joint training with friends, exchange indicators and even compete for the first place in activity. A personal assistant will notify you of your progress and motivate you to train. Achievements are recorded and awarded.

The software will independently determine when you started training, and suggest the desired sport, select the intensity and duration of the session. After exercising, the application will remind you to turn off the mode. New features in Apple Watch Series 4:

  1. Yoga practice. The program tracks the number of calories burned in the allotted time.
  2. Hiking mode also allows you to monitor energy consumption, track lengths and climb altitudes.
  3. The watch connects to a compatible trainer to sync and customize training conditions.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

Apple Watch Series 4 is indispensable for people preparing for a competition, marathon, or those who are looking after their physical condition.

Measuring tap frequency and running pace

The function warns of the pace while running. Control of the desired rhythm is present in the 'Settings' mode, and when you exceed or lower this value, the device will give a signal. The 'Cadence' function tracks the number of steps during a run, helps in analyzing the pace, speed and intensity of movement.

Walkie Talkie app

The Walkie-Talkie application allows you to talk with a person who also has a watch Apple Watch. For work, a WiFi or LTE network is used. The option is in demand in Russia, where smartwatches are presented without a cellular function.

New watch faces 'Infograph' and 'Breath'

In the new version, there were dials with the theme 'Water', 'Fire', 'Steam', which were recorded on video, and not made by graphics. Therefore, the impression of the new screensavers is unforgettable.

The Infograph application allows you to independently fill in 8 extensions at the same time. The user will add the necessary information and extensions here for use. Some thought the screen was overloaded, but others liked the 'desktop' with lots of tools.

The Breath app was now pumping to the display. By setting a watch face like this, you can focus, relax, and even out your breathing with a series of deep breaths.

Music during sports

Add the Music app to your watch face and the best tracks from Apple Music will be at your fingertips. Here, create playlists with your favorite songs. In 'Podcasts', select fresh tracks for a specific mood or sport.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

To connect, you need a Wi-Fi network or a cellular operator. Sync your smartwatch with iPhone and control listening.

Use the app Siri to verbally search for a suitable track or to turn on the 'Radio'.

More data from third-party apps

With new extensions and a larger display, more information is now displayed on the screen. The user can customize the dial based on preferences. Display the Breathe, Podcasts, or Rhythm app.

The function helps to plan the time correctly, to select the highest priority tasks for a day or several days.

How much charge holds

Updates in Apple Watch Series 4 have affected almost all components of the gadget. It's nice that the improvement of the processor and the introduction of innovative technologies did not affect the duration of the clock. The device is capable of offline mode up to 12 hours.

To save energy, the developers have provided special reminders. The OS will beep if one of the applications is running, or if you forgot to turn off the clock.

Sales start in Russia

For US residents, pre-order on the manufacturer's website was possible back in April. The starting price for the simple option was $ 349.

For the countries of the second wave, including Russia and Kazakhstan, Apple Watch Series 4 will be available from 28 September.


Smart watches from Apple are presented in 4 collections:

  1. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS + Cellular). A device with a cellular function. Unfortunately, they are not represented in Russia, and the time of their appearance is not even named.
  2. Apple Watch Series 4 (GPS). It helps to monitor your health, conduct training correctly, and motivates you to new achievements. The most affordable option will be sold from 22,990 thousand rubles. In addition to the usual 'space gray' and 'silver' cases, this year there is a model made of gold stainless steel.
  3. Apple Watch Nike +. The collection remains popular among buyers. In 2018, complemented by original straps with reflective fibers.
  4. Apple Watch Hermès. An expanded line of smartwatches from a well-known brand. Handmade leather straps are organically combined with modern designs from Apple.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

Not all collections will be available in Russian stores. It is better to check the information on the supply of a specific model on the company's website.


The straps of budget models are now made concisely, simply, but of high quality. The materials used are leather, silicone, nylon or metals. The bracelets have increased slightly in width, but the old versions fit the new model. Popular colors:

  • “ripe nectarine”;
  • “dark lavender”;
  • 'sea horizon';
  • beige;
  • white;
  • 'pink sand'.

Straps for elite models are made using expensive metals and stones, the rest are made of steel, leather and silicone. Hermès presented exclusive products in calfskin, with folding clasp or intricate hidden buckle

The set includes two types of straps: for women or men. It also remains possible to purchase them separately in stores Apple.

Conclusion on differences from old models

Generation 4 Apple Watch Series has received the most significant update since its release. The changes have already affected the packaging. The box opens from the top like a holiday gift. The strap and watch are located separately.

From the previous models Apple Watch Series 4 inherited the tradition of quality and functionality, but also acquired new features. Advantages of 2018 watches:

  • the body is thinner, the display is larger;
  • selection of functions for running or sports training;
  • convenient control with a compact wheel on the side;
  • cellular, messaging, notification tracking;
  • connection with other devices with the apple logo;
  • options for tracking ECG and human health.

Apple Watch Series 4: characteristics, colors, photos, start of sales in Russia

In Russia, smartwatches have lost two central functions: cellular communication and ECG detection. Without them Apple Watch is intended only for viewing notifications, paying by electronic payments, and tracking the intensity of training. These options are available in any smartphone, including the iPhone, so it's up to everyone to update or not for the sake of the original design and shape. This toy for adults makes it stand out from the crowd, makes life a little more convenient and easier.

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