How to enable Apple Watch

There are only 2 buttons on the digging smart watch case Apple. However, many users who recently bought a gadget may not always understand how to enable Apple Watch and how to configure them. Difficulties arise when trying to synchronize a smart watch with a smartphone. The manufacturer offers specifically for users Apple Watch tips that can help if a similar problem occurs.

How to enable Apple Watch for the first time

On the right side panel of the smart watch there is a Digital Crown, under which the button is located. The key is responsible for a wide range of functions. In this regard, it does not differ much from the 'Power' button on iPhone. The element is responsible for turning the device on and off.

To activate Apple Watch, hold down the button on the side of the device and hold it in this position for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the display of the gadget. The device is turned off in the same way.

How to enable Apple Watch

After pressing the button for 2 seconds, a special menu will appear on the screen, in which you can turn off, lock, or put the device into the energy saving mode.

How to enable Apple Watch

Apple watch won't turn on? For such cases, they provide a hard reset function. To perform this function, you must simultaneously press the wheel and the button, and then hold them in this position for a few seconds.

How to enable Apple Watch

Setting Apple Watch

Apple Watch The instruction indicates that to use the watch, you must have iPhone 5s or later with the latest operating system. The following operations should be performed directly on the smartphone:

  1. You need to make sure that the wireless data function is enabled on your smartphone Bluetooth.
  2. The iPhone must have access to the internet or mobile network.

After turning on the watch, you need to place it at a close distance from your iPhone. After some time, an inscription will appear on the smartphone screen, signaling that the device is ready for configuration.

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To start managing, you must click 'Continue'. The message may not appear immediately. In this case, open the program for operating the watch (the rules of use describe in detail how to download and install it) and select the 'Create pair' item in it. To perform an action, you need to place the devices at a short distance.

How to enable Apple Watch

A special animation will appear on the watch screen.

The official user manual indicates that it is necessary to position the gadget's dial with animation in the viewfinder's field of view iPhone. Then it is required that the message about pairing appears on the smartphone.

How to enable Apple Watch

If for some reason you can't use the camera, you can manually pair with the smartwatch. To do this, select the advanced menu item and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Detailed instructions in Russian will offer you to choose which hand the owner would prefer to wear the device on. Provides the ability to manually adjust the clock or restore settings from a backup. If, in the event of prolonged non-use, some of the settings have lost their relevance, you can always reset the parameters.

The program on the smartphone will offer to accept the changes, in order to save them, you must agree to the terms of the application.

Smart watches are activated using Apple ID. After the corresponding field appears, you must enter the password from the service into it. If the password request does not appear, you can sign in later. To do this, in the application from Apple in the settings menu, select the item 'Apple ID', and then log in to the system. On Series 3 smartwatches, some functions only work after you sign in to iCloud.

Search service may not be configured on some devices iPhone. In this case, an activation lock request will appear on the screen. This function prohibits the use of the device in case of loss or theft. If a lock warning appears on the watch screen, then the device is already linked to a different identifier. To unblock, you must enter the password and email address for the previously used ID.

Synchronization with iPhone

To set up your smart watch, you need to connect your smartphone to it. The process of syncing and connecting to Apple Watch depends on the amount of data available on the smartphone. It can last from a few seconds to several minutes. Completion of synchronization will be indicated by a beep and a slight pulse of the clock. To confirm the completion of the process, press the wheel on the device.

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