How to remove the strap from Apple Watch

Smart gadgets from Apple not only provide their owners with great functional benefits, but are also great as a fashionable addition to the image of their owner. For example, it is possible to change the branded straps, so the owners often choose them for clothes, accessories, for sports activities or hiking. There are many possibilities: you can match the color of the holder to the wallpaper picture on the watch display, and the sporty version of the strap – to the color of the uniform or sneakers.

How to remove the strap from Apple Watch

Replacing the strap may be necessary due to material wear. Leather straps become unusable especially quickly, plastic straps last longer, but they also wear out.

Straps for Apple Watch are made of different materials: leather, soft plastic or metal. For example, bright plastic is suitable for sports, for work – a pleasant leather or metal made of links or chains.

To replace the watch, you need to know how to remove the strap from Apple Watch, and how to put a new one.

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There are two ways to change the strap on your watch, the first is suitable for regular straps and the second is for a block bracelet. The difference is that the usual one consists of two parts and a lock, and the block bracelet is closed with a built-in latch, it is disassembled before replacement.

How to remove a regular strap

In order to change the strap to Apple Watch, it is enough to adhere to a simple principle:

  1. First place the watch face down on a soft, scratch-free surface.
  2. Then we look for two small oblong buttons on the back of the gadget (they are located at the top and bottom of the device). How to remove the strap from Apple Watch
  3. Select one and click on it, while the holder itself slips out of the clamps, move it to the side, take it out completely, then repeat this action for the second part of the bracelet. How to remove the strap from Apple Watch

If you need to apply force to detach, this means that the button is not fully pressed. In this case, do not jerk or apply force, as this may damage the holder. You just need to push the button harder and push it in until it stops. To do this, you can use something plastic or wood (not leaving scratches).

After the old bracelet has been removed, we insert another one from the side, it must be attached to the watch, moving the holder to the position in which a click will be heard. If the strap is made of plastic, then install it so that the inscription on it is on the back of the watch.

How to remove the strap from Apple Watch

Replacing the block bracelet

If a block bracelet is used, changing the strap Apple Watch is a little more difficult, since it needs to be disassembled and replaced, the change takes place in 4 steps:

  1. First, close the clasp of the bracelet, moving its edges towards each other, until the clasp is fastened, a click must be heard. How to remove the strap from Apple Watch
  2. We press and hold the button responsible for quick opening, it is located on the inside (next to the fastener). How to remove the strap from Apple Watch
  3. Slowly and carefully separate the links to divide the strap into 2 parts. How to remove the strap from Apple Watch
  4. Now we act in the same way as with a regular bracelet, press the button to the end (located on the back of the watch) and move the bracelet to the side, then repeat this for the second part. How to remove the strap from Apple Watch

It is important to follow these 4 steps, with mandatory disassembly. If opened when assembled, the strap may warp and break. This principle must be taken into account not only when removing, but also when installing a bracelet made of metal links.

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