Apple Watch – overview of disadvantages

Apple Watch - overview of disadvantages

Apple Watch did not meet user expectations. Therefore, despite the large number of fans of the products Apple around the world, watch sales are very far from sales iPhone and do not cause further optimism. The wow effect and word of mouth did not work here. This is when they begin to tell each other about the user experience of the product, share in forums and blogs. I also cannot recommend this watch for purchase, although the potential is very great there. Here is a list of the shortcomings that I encountered in two weeks of active use of the Apple Watch Sport device.

As is customary, I'll start with the little things and finish with frank jambs.

1. I'll start with the Sport strap, which is 80% of all sales. The hand underneath him sweats, even on a cool day. Of course, if you came to the gym to sweat on purpose, then there is no problem. But wearing a watch with such a strap in everyday life is uncomfortable.

2. The size of the watch itself is quite normal, there are alarms and more, but … There is one nuisance when exercising in the gym, pulling glands. When the hand is bent back, it pushes on the protruding buttons. After training on the synchronized iPhone, you can observe many screenshots, which are just taken by pressing two buttons at the same time.

3. The pulse rate is taken with a delay. The heart is already jumping out of the body, and on the screen the pulse is 70. And only after a minute the clock shows the current 160. In addition, the accuracy is affected by the hairiness of your hands and the degree of their sweating.

4. The phone can last a day from one charge. But if you go in for sports with the “Training” application turned on, then constantly burning diodes for determining the heart rate consume two-thirds of the charge in two hours.

5. For full operation Apple Watch, synchronization with iPhone is required. And the always-on Bluetooth on the smartphone also hooks up iPhone.

6. The native navigation app on Apple Watch is a very advanced thing, but absolutely useless in Moscow. And even if the map of the capital in Apple was not done normally, then there is nothing to say about the outback. It is dangerous to follow the established routes as they do not comply with the rules of the road.

7. For Apple Watch there is still no normal software from third-party developers. An attempt to replace the native navigator with Sygic, the only one available from all navigators for watches, did not lead to anything. I was never able to get him to show the way.

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8. All third-party applications crash when the screen on the watch goes out! ALL! Either the developers are doing something wrong, or it is a problem with the operating system. Native apps from Apple support background, while others do not. The same Sygic works until you drop your hand. As soon as the screen goes out, set the coordinates in a new way.

9. Event notifications are a very handy thing, but it's not clear how they are configured. Why are messages from FB shown, but not from VK or Viber? There are no settings for this yet.

10. It is not clear how to switch between active applications. There is no multitasking panel. If an SMS appears on the screen, how do you get back to the “Training” mode? I already wrote about the fact that third-party applications in this case simply close.

11. The interface in iOS for Apple Watch has not yet been fully thought out. The right-left screen flipping is clear to us from the iphone, and is indicated by dots at the bottom of the screen. To this, we also added scrolling up and down and a context menu when you click on the screen, but they forgot to designate this. You have to check everything yourself.

Despite these shortcomings, the watch has a future. The last 6 points are solved with the help of revision iOS, which Apple is now actively engaged in. I hope they will please us soon.

I would like to add a spoonful of honey. Personally, my positive emotions from the watch are not very many. But here's what definitely deserves attention:

1. Apple Watch do not hang and work very stably.

2. Alerts are a damn handy thing, dear comrades, I'll tell you. No need to climb into your pants for an iPhone every time a message arrives.

3. Through Apple Watch you can talk on the phone. Yes Yes. I also thought that this is not needed in FIG. But when you are alone in the room and the phone rings, it is quite convenient to communicate through the clock.

4. The watch makes you move more and keeps activity statistics. Now I know how many meters to the store and how many calories I need to spend to buy new ones.

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