How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi

After purchasing or updating to the factory settings of an Apple Watch smartwatch, the question arises of how to connect Apple Watch to WiFi and how to set up a connection and connection with the wifi to which iPhone is connected.

To use the communication functions of the gadget, you will need to check the appropriate settings both on the watch itself and on iPhone with which they work. These actions will not take much time, they are quite simple, many of them can be performed without even looking at the instructions. The procedure is as follows:

  1. First, on the paired iPhone, check if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are on, if they are off, turn it on by clicking on the corresponding icons in the lower system menu (it is called up by swiping up the screen).
    How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi
  2. After that, check if the devices are connected to each other, to do this, on the watch screen, swipe the display picture from the bottom up, the 'Control Center' will appear, and if iWatch are connected to the phone, then a green icon with iPhone. If the watch is not paired, connect it via the 'System settings' menu at iPhone (by clicking on the watch name in Bluetooth).
    How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi
  3. After the icon with iPhone lights up in the upper left corner of Apple Watch, the gadget automatically connects to the wireless network used by the phone. Now, if you wish, you can disable Bluetooth on your smartphone, and then Apple Watch will only be connected to Wi-Fi, since the connection with the phone via the protocol Bluetooth will be disconnected. You can also move away from the phone at a distance greater than the range Bluetooth (about 10 m).

What Wi-Fi networks support Apple Watch

iWatch 3 can be connected to Wi-Fi, both to a previously configured (connected with a minimum amount of additional steps) and to a previously unknown network. The smartwatch operating system Apple Watch will only interact with 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi running at 2.4 GHz, no connection is made to 5 GHz networks. Also, the device will not connect to public Wi-Fi if it requires a password.

How to check the connection between Apple Watch and iPhone

There are 2 options to check if there is an established iWatch connection to Apple iPhone. The first option uses the 'Control Center' menu on the watch, the second uses the 'Watch' app on the smartphone.

  1. For the watch method, swipe down on the screen and open Control Center. If there is no connection between the devices, an image with a red cross or red crossed out iPhone will appear on the display in the upper left corner. How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi
  2. To check the connection through the 'Watch' application on the phone, open this program, and you will see in the 'Watch' tab information about whether the device is connected or not. If the device is not connected, but was connected earlier, then just turn on and then turn off the 'Flight Mode' on the phone, after that Apple Watch they will be able to connect via Wi-Fi, as they were connected before. How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi

If the green icon on the Apple Watch screen is lit and the devices are connected, then all communication services and applications of both the phone (sending notifications and reminders) and the clock (for example, biometric data) will work automatically.

How to disconnect the watch from Wi-Fi

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Apple Watch third series (working with cellular network and GPS) can be disconnected from Wi-Fi. To do this, go to the 'Control Center', the Wi-Fi settings will appear on the display, click on the network icon, it will turn gray from light, this means that the gadget is no longer connected to any network.

How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi

After that, the gadget will not automatically connect to Wi-Fi until 5 am. To reconnect to Wi-Fi without waiting for this time, you need to do any of the following:

  • click on the Wi-Fi icon in the system menu 'Control Center';
  • change the location (leave the range of the Wi-Fi from which you disconnected earlier, in another area the device will start looking for an available connection itself);
  • turn off and then turn on the device again.

After that, Wi-Fi will turn on again and will work in automatic mode.

Can smartwatches use a cellular network iPhone

When using Apple Watch Series 3 (which support cellular network and GPS), you can send messages, make calls and work with applications even without a smartphone and disconnected from Wi-Fi. To do this, your tariff plan must be suitable for using the bundle iPhone plus Apple Watch, model iPhone is required from 6 and above.

To test the operation without a telephone, first evaluate the signal strength on the watch. Open the system menu 'Control Center', a green icon will appear in the upper left corner showing the connection to the cellular network, and power will be shown above it with dots. The more points, the stronger the signal.

How to connect Apple Watch to Wi-Fi

You can also use this icon to turn the cellular mode on and off for Apple Watch. If the watch is connected to a cellular network, the icon will be green, if not – white. Now that you have determined the presence of a cellular signal, disconnect from WiFi networks, and your gadget will only use the cellular network for operation.

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