Boring? Try the new emoji maker!

Is Friday time dragging on? Try to while away it behind the Emoji builder. Just create your own emoji and send it to your friends.

Boring?  Try the new emoji maker!

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The designer is the brainchild of a designer from San Francisco. It allows you to piece together the emoji you want. You have a choice of four categories: face, eye, mouth and accessories, and the last three can be used in any quantity. Create a “monster”? Sure, not a problem!

The interface is simple – for example, to make the eyes look the same, you need to double-click on the required element. In the same way, you can add the same accessory to both sides of the emoji. Any details can be moved and enlarged.

Boring?  Try the new emoji maker!

However, you can try your luck and create emoji automatically – all elements will be selected at random. To do this, you need to click on the Randomize button in the lower right corner. Ready-made emoticons can be saved and sent as images in any messenger. We've already tried it – now it's your turn!

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