Eco mode in Apple Watch

If the battery charge in hours from Apple comes to an end, then you can extend the life of the device without recharging. To do this, you need to switch to energy saving mode – eco mode in Apple Watch. The operating system of the watch itself will offer to switch to eco-mode on Apple Watch when the battery has 10% charge. In the future, it can be turned off in two different ways.

Eco mode in Apple Watch

What is the energy saving mode for?

In many cases, using the Power Reserve mode (eco mode), even when the battery level is very low, will significantly extend the use of the device. When energy saving is activated, a smart gadget will stop performing its basic functions: working with applications, supporting work screens and tabs, notifications, etc. Take this into account if the power outlet is far away, and the gadget is almost discharged.

Eco mode in Apple Watch

It is useful to use energy saving when it is impossible to recharge the watch (on long country trips and hikes), as well as in places where the use of devices is prohibited, for example, on an airplane or in an examination room. With the power saving turned on and the battery fully charged, the watch can work without recharging for up to 7 days.

How to enable eco mode on Apple Watch

There are three ways to activate Power Saving Mode.

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The first method: wait until the clock starts to sit down and the charge remains less than 10%, in this case the system will display a message that Apple Watch will turn off soon and offer to activate energy saving (it is not necessary to switch to it). Activate the mode by clicking on this message.

Eco mode in Apple Watch

The second method is more complicated, but it should be used if it is clear in advance that the battery charge must be protected.

In order to enable the mode, go to the Control Center of the watch (to do this, you need to swipe up on the screen). In the upper left corner of the Center there will be numbers showing the battery percentage. Click on these numbers, after that a message will appear with the ability to turn on the eco mode. Press the 'Eco mode' button again, press 'Continue', and the device switches to low power consumption, as it turns off all system functions, except for showing the time.

Eco mode in Apple Watch

The third way is as follows: pre-install on iPhone a special application with an extension for the clock, which shows the battery charge on the display in the 'Clock' tab. After uploading to iPhone, allow the application to act with Apple Watch. Then, when using it on the watch, click on the charge icon, the extension will offer to switch to eco mode. To customize the display and extensions display, click on the dial display, wait a couple of seconds (until the menu appears) and select the 'Customize' button.

How to disable power saving mode

After using the gadget as a simple watch, it is important to remember how to exit Eco Mode Apple Watch. If the gadget switched to energy saving with a small battery level, then when you turn off the eco-mode without additional recharging, it will most likely turn off immediately or simply will not turn on. There are 2 ways to turn off Eco Mode on Apple Watch.

  1. In the case of the first method, open the tab with the displayed clock on the display and swipe up with your hand to display the Energy menu. In this menu, the system offers power saving and shutdown modes, how to disable the mode on Apple Watch, it will be clear from the system message shown on the display. If you have energy saving enabled, then click on the 'Disable' button and the gadget will return to its normal functions.
  2. When using the second method, press and hold the side button (Digital Crown) on the device, it will take a few seconds to hold, the gadget will turn off and on again, the logo Apple will appear on the screen, and then the splash screen. When the watch starts its duty cycle, it will automatically run in full functionality as it did before the power saver was activated, provided that the charge level is sufficient.

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