Features, Price & Release Date New iPad 7 (2019)

September 10 Apple presented a new tablet – iPad 2019. This is a full-size device from Apple. iPad has a large 10.5-inch display with reduced bezels, a modern A10 Fusion processor and a good battery – battery life is maintained for 10 hours.

Overview of new features iPad 7

Features and Features iPad 7

Here are some of the features of the new tablet. Among them – support for True Tone technology for a more comfortable use of the device at any time of the day, an eight-megapixel camera, and support for Apple Pencil. The last point will not leave designers indifferent! In addition, you can connect a keyboard to it – Smart Keyboard.

iPad is as portable as possible: it weighs less than 500 grams. And for the first time, only recycled aluminum was used for the production of the case.

iPad OS

In addition to iPad itself, a new and operating system was released – iPadOS. It was created specifically for use on tablets: the system adapts new functions to work with a large screen. So, the updated home screen interface displays more applications on each page.

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According to a number of experts, iPadOS has made a big step towards the transformation of iOS into macOS. iPadOS is the middle link between desktop and mobile operating systems from Apple.

By now, the beta version iPadOS is already available, and the official release is scheduled for fall 2019.

Overview of new features iPad 7

iPad 2019 – prices in Russia

For iPad 2019, you can already pre-order on the website Apple. The price for it starts at 27,990, which is quite budgetary today. For this money, you will receive a gadget with 32 GB of memory = you cannot connect a SIM card to it. The same version, but with the ability to connect a mobile Internet, will cost much more – 38,990 rubles. For the top-end configuration, you will have to pay 45,990 rubles.

Overview of new features iPad 7

iPad 7 – release date

The new tablet is already available for ordering on the official website Apple and in the app Apple Store in the US and over 25 countries and regions. September 30 iPad will hit store shelves.

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