Overview iPod nano 6

The iPod Nano 6 is different from the previous models in this series. It lacks analog control, which was implemented as a Click Wheel. Instead, the player received a touchscreen that supports multi-touch function.

The problem is that along with the analog control, many useful options have disappeared. This is also due to the fact that the dimensions of the case have become much smaller. Compared to the previous device, the sixth model received a different body shape and an updated interface. Now the player is a cross between iPod Touch and Shuffle.

Overview iPod nano 6


In the description of the iPod Nano 6, the specifications are as follows:

  • dimensions – 37.5×40.9×8.78 mm;
  • weight – 21.1 g;
  • volume – 10,056 mm³;
  • 8 or 16 GB of permanent memory;
  • TFT color screen with a diagonal of 1.54 ”, a resolution of 240×240 and a pixel density of 220 PPI;
  • sound is reproduced at frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • Supported file extensions AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, Audi ble, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV;
  • the user can adjust the maximum volume;
  • FM radio with regional options for America, Asia, Australia and Europe;
  • the ability to stop and resume radio broadcasting due to a 15-minute buffer;
  • installed accelerometer;
  • built-in lithium-ion battery;
  • when the battery is fully charged, music is played for up to 24 hours in continuous mode;
  • the device is charged via USB from a PC or a network adapter;
  • the battery is fully charged in 3 hours (while 80% is recruited in 1.5 hours);
  • support for 29 languages;
  • headphones operate at a frequency of 20 Hz-20 kHz, acoustic impedance is 32 ohms;
  • Voice Over interface with voice guidance is controlled by gestures;
  • high-resolution display with customizable backlight, designed for use in dark environments.


An iPod Nano 6 review is essential to assess the strengths and weaknesses of this device. The box is minimal as it includes the player, headphones, USB cable, user manual and logo sticker Apple. The Nano 6 is a stylish gadget with limited functionality.

Overview iPod nano 6

The Nano 6 comes in a transparent plastic box. It works well with branded headphones, although many music lovers are unhappy with their sound. When headphones are connected, an additional item 'Dictaphone' appears in the menu. This function cannot be started without a headset.

Overview iPod nano 6

The hand strap to which the Nano 6 is attached is not included. With the strap installed, the device visually becomes like a smart watch. The player's menu even has a special 'Clock' section. This is a secondary function, but it is well implemented and can be useful to the user in some situations.


The Nano 6 looks best in a gray housing. Other color schemes look too pale.

The metal of the Nano 6 is smooth to the touch, no extraneous sounds or backlashes were noticed. The design resembles iPod Shuffle 2008 release. The main difference is that the front side is occupied by the display instead of buttons. There is a large clothespin at the back for fixing the player to clothes. At the end you can see a connector Apple and a minijack. The display is covered with natural glass, which retains fingerprints.

Overview iPod nano 6

The Nano 6 is square and compact. In addition to the touch screen to control the device, use the volume control buttons and turn on the screen. There is no USB port because a dedicated connector Apple is used instead. The quality of materials is at a high level. According to the developer, the case is made of polished anodized aluminum.

Overview iPod nano 6

After unpacking the Nano 6 device, the user immediately pays attention to its size. This player is so small that the previous generation iPod Nano looks too big by comparison. The sixth model weighs 21 g and the fifth one 36 g.


Despite the fact that the screen diagonal of the Nano 6 is 1.54 ”, and the resolution is 240×240, the menu is easy to use. The player contains a touch-type display using capacitive technology. It is a bright screen with a good viewing angle.

The Nano 6 has buttons for turning on the device and adjusting the volume, but the rest of the functions must be controlled using the touchscreen. Despite the convenience of the menu, the screen does not always respond clearly to pressing. Sometimes the device may slow down. In the worst case, the display recognizes touch from the third time. All these inconveniences are associated with the excessively small display size, but the user gets used to them over time.

On the iPod Nano 5, you could activate music playback without taking the player out of your pocket. This is not possible on the updated model. The main disadvantage of the sixth generation player is that the user is forced to constantly access the display. For this reason, connoisseurs of products Apple have criticized the new product and prefer to use the previous model.

Overview iPod nano 6


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The Nano 6 player menu contains the following items:

  • 'Playlists';
  • 'Voice recorder';
  • 'You listen';
  • 'Clock';
  • 'Performers';
  • 'Fitness';
  • 'Genius Mixes';
  • 'Songs';
  • 'Albums';
  • 'Genres';
  • 'Composers';
  • 'Radio';
  • 'Settings';
  • 'Podcasts';
  • 'Photo'.

At the top of the Nano 6's interface, you can see the battery charge indicator and the current time. These readings disappear from the screen when some applications are launched. This is inconvenient, because while listening to music, the user will not be able to find out the time. If you minimize the playback application, the Play and Pause buttons appear next to the battery indicator.

If you do not touch the display of the Nano 6 while listening to music, it will display the artwork of the current album. Touch brings up controls. In addition to the main display, there is also an auxiliary screen where you can select the music playback mode (for example, Shuffle). This screen allows you to rewind the song and turn on Genius. If you press the 'i' button, the song rating will open.

Overview iPod nano 6


There are 2 modifications of the iPod Nano 6 player with a memory capacity of 8 and 16 GB. The storage capacity is much smaller here than in the devices iPod Touch. Even 16 GB is not enough for a full-fledged audio player, which will regularly be used as a device for listening to music. For this reason, users do not perceive the sixth generation gadget as a full-fledged player. The first time it is connected to a computer, the player will try to sync the entire music library (if there is enough memory for this).

Working hours

The manufacturer claims that the Nano 6 can play music for 24 hours. The player has a quick charge function. If you plug it into a USB port, the battery will reach 80% in 1.5 hours, but it will take about 3 hours to fully charge.

The battery life of the Nano 6 will depend on how often the user turns on the display. The screen drains the battery the most, and this rule applies to all mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). In order for the charge to last for a long time, you must first create playlists, and then the necessary songs will be played without user intervention.

The test showed that the Nano 6 can play audio for 21 hours. This can be explained by the fact that an undeveloped battery needs to be fully charged and discharged several times before it meets its declared characteristics. Some users note that the player is able to work offline for more than 30 hours, which is an excellent indicator for such a compact device.

Overview iPod nano 6

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Nano 6 is suitable for everyday use if the user does not consider himself a sophisticated music lover. This tiny device with a touchscreen display and an abundance of advanced features cannot deliver premium sound quality. In this regard, players Apple are inferior to competing gadgets developed by Cowon, Sony and Samsung.

Compared to the fifth generation iPod Nano 6, the user will immediately notice the lower maximum volume setting. During the test we used Sennheiser HD 215 headphones. Music will sound quieter even if the volume limitation is disabled in the menu. This can be explained by the fact that the sixth model is equipped with a less powerful headphone amplifier. In addition, the Nano 6 is more pop-oriented, as the high and low frequencies have been artificially raised.

The sound of the Nano 6 will depend a lot on the headphones used. The standard headset supplied in the kit can only be used to familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the player.

Overview iPod nano 6


The player Nano 6 with 8 GB memory costs about 6 thousand rubles, 16 GB – about 8 thousand. Models of the fifth and sixth generation are very different from each other, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

IPod Nano 5 has more features, a classic look and feel. The sixth model is a stylish gadget that captivates with its appearance, but instead, users will prefer to buy iPhone, iPod Touch or a budget Chinese player.

IPod Nano 6 can be considered an experiment by the company Apple. Its positive qualities are excellent design, thoughtful interface and usability. For the first time, this device has a pause function while listening to the radio and other interesting innovations that have not been encountered on previous brand products.

The Nano 6 operating system looks so good that some of its elements should be carried over to smartphones. The interface would look good on a large display if you add the ability to install programs and other functions iOS.

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