How to Delete Music from iPod

Many Apple owners are wondering how to remove music from iPod. The fact is that removing media files from iPod requires a knowledge base that not every user, even an experienced one, has. This article will discuss in detail 5 ways to delete tracks from the playlist using auxiliary programs and directly from the device itself.

Method 1 – Delete Music with iTunes Sync

  1. To delete music from iPod using the PC sync method, you need to turn on the device or unlock the screen and enter iTunes.
  2. The iPod is then connected to the personal computer using a cable. After that, a menu will appear on the screen in which you can change the synchronization settings. How to Delete Music from iPod
  3. In this case, the iPod sync method will be used to delete the music. In the latest version of iTunes 11.0, the icon you want is in the upper right corner of the screen, in earlier versions it is located in the Devices section. After that, you need to select the item 'Processing music manually', the system will ask for a second confirmation. You need to confirm the processing and save the changes by clicking on the 'Apply' command. If the manual file handling command has already been enabled, synchronization will occur automatically. How to Delete Music from iPod
  4. After syncing is complete, you can delete songs by going to the 'On this device' section. It selects the 'Music' tab, where all the files you are looking for are located. How to Delete Music from iPod
  5. If you want to delete only one composition, you need to click on the file and press 'Delete' on the PC keyboard or use the delete via the context menu. In either case, the system will ask for a second confirmation of the actions, which can be done by clicking on the 'OK' command, after which the compositions are deleted. How to Delete Music from iPod

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If you want to erase all or most of the songs, the procedure remains the same, except that you need to select several files at once. This is possible using the Ctrl + Shift key combination. This method allows you to delete tracks from the device memory and from the iTunes list.

Method 2 – delete music directly from iPod

Removing media files directly from the gadget is only possible if the device has a touch screen. However, this method is not suitable for all iPod models, but only for earlier versions. The way to delete media files directly from the gadget is simpler, because it does not require connecting the device to a PC or downloading auxiliary applications.

Removing via the Music app

To delete media files through the Music application, which is located in the main menu, you need to find the corresponding track in the application list. In this case, deletion is carried out using an additional menu, which is invoked by clicking on the ellipsis icon to the right of each composition. In the menu that appears, just select the 'Delete' item, and the song will disappear from the list.

How to Delete Music from iPod

Removal via settings

  1. To delete files through the settings menu, go to the 'Settings' main menu item, select the 'Statistics' tab, and then click on 'Storage'.
  2. In the list of data storage that appears, select the 'Music' item, after which a list of all songs in the device's memory will open. A 'Delete' icon will appear next to each track. Deleting all tracks with one click is possible using the 'Delete all songs' command, which is located above the list.

How to Delete Music from iPod

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