How to fill in activity rings Apple Watch when crossing time zones

How to fill in activity rings Apple Watch when crossing time zones

Whether you are using Apple Watch from day one or just getting started, closing your activity loops daily can be a fun and exciting goal. However, there may be some problems while traveling, especially when crossing time zones. Follow the tips and tricks to make sure these rings close when you're on the go.

The Exercise Ring can be the most challenging activity ring to close while traveling. Sometimes it can be difficult to hit the target in twelve hours, especially if you waste time crossing time zones, there is still a dependence on how long you are in the flight or in the car. Fortunately, there is a simple trick to make it easier to earn points on your stats.

How to complete your activity rings Apple Watch when traveling across time zones

Before you cross the time zone where the watch hands move forward one hour or you lose time while traveling, turn on airplane mode.

  1. On the watch face, swipe up from the bottom of the display;
  2. Tap the airplane icon to turn on airplane mode.

How to fill in activity rings Apple Watch when crossing time zones

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This will lock in your current time zone and you will be able to close your activity rings. Keep in mind that turning on airplane mode on Apple Watch will automatically enable the same feature on your connected iPhone by default. You can quickly turn off airplane mode at iPhone and it will remain on for Watch.

When you travel by plane, there are not many disadvantages. But when you travel by car, train, etc., you can change the Watch connection to maintain a full 24-hour workday, it might be worth it.

Some tricks I use to make sure I fill in all of my activity rings that appear on my watch: if I wake up in the middle of the night to drink water or go to the bathroom, this gives me a head start on the day ahead. when flying, do not forget about sports exercises, light exercises will invigorate the body and allow you to spend more comfortably your flight time.

Another tip: keep your portable charger for Apple Watch close at hand, especially when traveling on a long journey. My Ugreen charger Apple Watch saved the day many times in difficult times.

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