How to unblock Apple Watch

Compared to other products of the company Apple, a smart watch Apple Watch is not a gadget from which it is convenient to constantly enter a password. Blocking occurs only when they are removed from the hand, and since this is done quite rarely, it is easy to forget the access code. In such a situation, the question arises how to unblock Apple Watch. This can be done as follows:

  • using the watch itself;
  • using iPhone.

This will reset the device, after which you will need to re-configure it.

How to unblock Apple Watch

How to unlock Apple Watch using the side button

The watch is designed in such a way that the moment the user takes it off his hand, the gadget is blocked for the security of personal data.

To release the lock, you need to enter the security code. The user is given 6 attempts for this, after which the input window will become inaccessible. After a while, 4 more final opportunities are provided for the correct password entry. If the password is entered incorrectly, access is completely blocked and all data will be erased, provided that the corresponding function has been enabled.

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The only way to restore the operation of the device is to reset it to zero. For this:

  1. Place them on the dedicated wireless charger.
  2. Press and hold the side button. How to unblock Apple Watch
  3. When the slider to turn off appears, pull it up.
  4. Select 'Erase All Content and Settings'. How to unblock Apple Watch
  5. After deleting the data, configure the gadget and link it to your smartphone.

Unlocking the watch with a tethered iPhone

After blocking due to unsuccessful attempts to enter the password, the device can be unlocked using the iPhone linked to it. On it you need to open the 'Watch' program => 'My watch' => 'Passcode'. You will be given another attempt to enter the code.

If that wasn't enough, the only way out is to reset the device with your iPhone:

  1. In the Watch app, open the My Watch menu.
  2. From the main menu click on 'Reset' => 'Erase content and settings Apple Watch' How to unblock Apple Watch . How to unblock Apple Watch
  3. Perform the setup again.

If a wrist device is lost or stolen using the 'Find iPhone' function, an activation lock is possible, which, using Apple ID and password, will not allow you to break the connection between the smartwatch and the smartphone linked to it, or create a pair. Even after a successful data reset, this feature will prevent unattended activation.

To check the functionality of the 'Find iPhone' function, just open the 'My Watch' tab in the 'Watch' program menu and, having selected the desired name, click on the 'i' icon. If after these steps you see the inscription 'Find Apple Watch', the activation lock is working, which means that the gadget is safe.

How to unblock Apple Watch

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