I'm on a Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices

In modern reality, almost every one of us has some kind of device with a GPS tracker: a smartphone, a smart bracelet, a watch, and so you can list for a long time.

And I am 100% sure that half of the users of gadgets with GPS do not understand, and even more so do not use all the possibilities of this technology.

Today we will look at an application that will help unite all your GPS devices in one place, and will open up new horizons for you in the possibilities of your smartphone or tablet.


On our “table” is the iMapp application (I'm on the Map). It allows you to track devices using GPS.

After completing a quick registration in just a few steps:

  1. Choose through what we will register: phone number or Email.
  2. We receive the code on the specified phone / email and enter it.
  3. Enter the data: Name, Surname and new password.
  4. Making basic settings for determining the location. They can be changed at any time later.

The interface of the application is intuitive; the main field of interaction is the map.

I'm on a Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices

IMapp functionality

Device tracking

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The Me on the Map service allows you to track the location of connected devices.

I'm on a Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices

At first glance, everything is trite, but in addition to tracking devices connected to the service, the application determines the location of the phone, where the application itself is not installed. It does this by sending a special message, upon opening which the GPS is activated and the location data is received.

Travel history

I on the Map allows you to keep a history of movements, i.e. Record and view a friend's location information for the past 90 days. It might be interesting if you want to remember where your child was last Saturday.

I'm on a Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices


With the help of the I on the Map application, it is possible to add a point-point with a certain radius to the map, add several friends or relatives to the place, and receive notifications about their arrival and departure from this zone. Find out about uninvited, well, or invited guests in advance.

I'm on the Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices

Features of the application I'm on the Map

Synchronizing contacts

Stay connected with friends and family. Going to the contacts tab, find out who already from your contacts uses the application, add each other as friends and go to tracking.

I'm on the Map (iMapp): tracking any GPS devices

Energy saving technology

To track the phone, the application does not use constant monitoring of the location, but turns on GPS for a while at the request of a friend, which reduces the load on the device and makes the use of the application almost invisible, since the indication of access to location data does not light up constantly, but turns on for a few seconds.

Special offer for our users

Install the app Me on the Map and find out the location of friends who do not have this app simply by using their phone number.

Don't believe me? Especially for our readers !!!

Send the code “iphone-gps.ru” to the support service through the application and get Premium access for FREE!

You can download the application from the links below:

  • Download I'm on a Map from App Store.
  • Download I'm on the Map from Google Play.

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