IPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

The company's products Apple are durable and long-lasting, but failures and breakdowns are still possible. Users often encounter the problem of iPod won't turn on and want to know how to fix the problem on their own without spending money on repairs at a service center.

The player shows no signs of life

It happens that an iPod that was previously working without interruptions stops turning on. This can happen for no apparent reason or through the user's fault, for example, if the device has been dropped, hit, or stored in inappropriate conditions. Then, when you press the power button or any other screen, it will remain dark and there will be no reaction from the gadget.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

No iPod is immune to this, be it the Touch, Shuffle, Nano, or Classic. In this case, it is important to find out why the player will not turn on and apply all possible self-help solutions.

Causes and solutions

  1. The most common reason a gadget won't turn on is a dead battery. This could happen even when the player has not been used for a while. For the player to work, connect the device to a power source and wait a few minutes. The company logo Apple will appear on the screen, and the gadget will turn on. When charging via a low-speed USB port, the player will start working 30 minutes after plugging in. If the player does not turn on after doing this, make sure the cable is properly connected or try a different charger.
  2. Power button does not work. If, when connected to a charger, the battery indicator flashes on the screen, but the player does not turn on, then the problem lies in the power key. You can fix this minor problem at the service center.
  3. Moisture has entered the iPod. Liquid penetration into the device will damage the circuits and contacts, and then the player will neither turn on nor charge. In this case, only a master can fix the breakdown. The chance that after the repair the gadget will turn on and work as before depends on the severity of the damage.
  4. Gadget hit or fall. As a result of such a mechanical effect, contacts or a loop could break off, which can only be repaired by a professional. Damaged parts may need to be replaced for the player to turn on.
  5. Blocking enabled. You can block all buttons, including the on, using a switch located at the top or bottom of the case. The lock is activated when an orange dot or stripe appears next to the switch. By moving it so that the point is hidden, you can remove the lock, thereby returning all the keys of the gadget to their functions.

Occasionally, an iPod that is not showing signs of life will turn on after a factory reset or forced restart. It can be used to disable active applications and programs. This is not a loss of files on the player, but it may return some of the settings to the factory default. How to reset on different models is described below. When the unit turns on, you need to update the iPod software immediately.

Force restart your iPod

Sometimes, for the device to turn on again, it is enough to force a restart. Different device models Apple can achieve this by pressing different keyboard shortcuts. To reset your iPod, press and hold the following buttons at the same time.

1. Force restart your iPod Classic

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Press the “Menu” and “Select” keys at the same time for 8 seconds. The lock switch must be in a position where the orange stripe is completely hidden.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

2. Forced restart iPod Shuffle

The restart is carried out in a disconnected state from the network and the computer by pressing the power button. The green indicator should go out. After 10 seconds, the player should start turning on.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

3. Force restart your iPod Nano

If iPod Nano won't turn on, the way to force restart will depend on the generation of the gadget:

  1. To reset a 7th generation device, you must hold down the “Sleep / Wake” and “Home” keys.
  2. The 6th generation Nano is restarted with the Volume Down and Sleep / Wake buttons.
  3. If the device is of 5th generation or earlier, you need to press the “Menu” and “Select” keys while the lock is off.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

4. Force restart iPod Touch

You can restart the player of this model by simultaneously pressing the “Home” and “Sleep / Wake” buttons. Hold them for 10 seconds or until the logo appears Apple.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

5. Force restart your iPod Mini

If iPod Mini or dock / touch wheel players won't turn on, force reboot as follows:

  • iPod Mini – combination of “Menu” and central buttons;
  • iPods with scroll wheel, touch wheel and dock connector – “Play / Pause” and “Menu” buttons.

iPod won't turn on or charge, what's the reason

All actions must be performed with the key lock turned off (the switch must hide the orange mark). If after the first attempt the gadget does not turn on, you should repeat the action again.

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