Is there NFC in iPhone 5S, 5, 5C?

When users ask the question if there is NFC in iPhone 5s, they are most often interested not in what a module is NFC, but in the possibility of payments using a smartphone. So, there is no NFC in iPhone 5s. But payments using the iPhone 5 series can still be made. Details are in the following sections.

Module NFC in iPhone 5S: is there or not?

Does iPhone support 5s NFC?

So, the main question – iPhone 5s – NFC is there or not? The body iPhone 5s is similar to the body of the later model iPhone SE. The firm Apple apparently saved by using a stock of components. And numerous owners of the popular smartphone – “five” asked the question: how to set up a smartphone so that payment terminals recognize it?

The settings will not help, since the fifth series of iPhones is structurally different from the sixth, SE and subsequent generations, in which an additional board is installed that is responsible for short-range wireless communication. The functionality of this module is not limited to payments; close communication technology can be used to turn on household appliances, to exchange information between digital devices and for other purposes. But in smartphones, the chip NFC does a specific job: payments in the system Apple Pay.

iphone 5s nfc yes or no

The short-range communication range is small: from 2 to 10 cm. An increase in signal strength is undesirable. On the contrary, the signal should be captured only in the immediate vicinity of the transmitting device, this is one of the security conditions for payments. Strengthening the signal and spreading it over considerable distances can become a prey for scammers.

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So, there is no great module NFC in iPhone 5s. But the rest of the “five” is good, users are in no hurry to part with it. You can supplement the functionality of your favorite iPhone if you buy a “smart watch” Apple Watch.

nfc iphone 5 s

How to use NFC functions in iPhone 5 series?

NFC is not in iPhone 5s, but there is a short range module in the multifunction device Apple Watch. If you purchase Apple Watch in addition to the iPhone, you can set up payments in the system Apple Pay by attaching your bank card. The symbiosis of iPhone and smartwatches is a widespread phenomenon; owners of not only smartphones of the fifth series, but also newer ones with their own module NFC use this opportunity.

iPhone 5s and Watch Series 1

Choose the right smartwatch for payments from your smartphone iPhone 5s. The first Watch Series 1 fits perfectly. The recently launched Series 3 is not a match for the iPhone 5s. Well, the firm Apple loves to make riddles and create problems for their fans.

is there nfc in iphone 5s

Contactless payments on iPhone 5 series

If you have a watch Apple Watch Series 1 and a smartphone iPhone 5s, set them up to make payments:

  1. Find the section “my watch” in the smartphone settings, activate Wallet & Apple Pay.
  2. Open the bank cards section and enter your card details.
  3. Set up a passcode.
  4. Complete the card information by scanning its image.
  5. Wait for an SMS with a code that should be entered into the corresponding application window.
  6. The last stage is performed not by the owner of the smartphone, but by the bank that issued the card: this is a check and confirmation of the possibility of making payments.
nfc iphone 5

Sometimes the bank asks for additional information. Answer all the questions asked.

After completing the procedure for attaching the card, use your watch Apple Watch for payments in shops and transport – wherever equipment that supports the payment system is installed Apple Pay.

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