One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

How often have you caught yourself thinking that it's time to finally go in for sports, but you didn't know which sport or club to choose? Or maybe they didn't want to buy a subscription for a year and tie themselves to a place and time? This problem now seems to be solved thanks to the FITMOST service, which will allow you to work out in hundreds of fitness centers, studios and sports centers in your city, instead of being limited to the gym closest to home.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

We at the IPhone-Gps editorial board decided to test this application and share with our readers our thoughts on this revolutionary idea for Russia.

The developers of the FITMOST application, when conceiving such a service, proceeded, first of all, from the convenience for Russians. They wanted city dwellers not to limit themselves to time, place, or even one direction of sports activities.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

And so it turns out: after downloading the application and going through the usual registration procedure, we immediately find ourselves in the section with free activities for the day, from which we can choose whatever our heart desires.

Convenient filter for any need

You can always change the date by simply swiping left on the calendar strip. In order not to scroll through the hundreds and thousands of workouts available for the desired day, use the filters to find the best option.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

To understand exactly where the available studios are located on the map, use the “tags” in the upper left corner – by changing the screen scale and clicking on the organizations, you can also easily book the lesson you are interested in.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

However, as our practice has shown, it is still more convenient to filter studios and trainings by time and direction on the “lessons” page.

One subscription to all studios

To book a lesson you like, you need to purchase a subscription – you can do this in your personal account. There you can choose from subscriptions for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. A subscription in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi costs 3990 rubles a month, in Novosibirsk, Kazan, Yekaterinburg – 2990 rubles. It is more profitable to take for several months.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview
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These relatively small expenses will pay off quickly, given the wide range of fitness centers in different regions of Russian cities FITMOST provides. Clients from cities with a higher cost can attend trainings in any city where there is or will be FITMOST, but, for example, from Kazan you can come and attend 3 trainings per month in Moscow. That is, a business trip in both cases is not a reason to give up sports.

In addition to purchasing a subscription, in the settings of your personal profile, you can easily track its action or “freeze”, favorite fitness clubs and past / upcoming workouts. In case of problems, do not forget that you can always cancel the lesson, sign up at another time, or completely change the city.

Instant booking

When you have decided on a fitness club and a direction of sports, with a valid subscription, you can book a lesson with just two taps. After clicking “book”, a unique code immediately comes to your phone, which you show directly to the studio administrator before training.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

In order not to lose the unique code after booking, click “continue” and save in the “apple wallet” Apple Wallet. For convenience, you can also add a workout to your calendar.

No unpleasant surprises

Of course, one of the main features of the FITMOST app is that the user can find out everything about the studio in advance – from the location to reviews of classes and trainers. If you liked any of the fitness clubs, add it to your favorites by simply putting it like it.

One membership for thousands of workouts: FITMOST app overview

This feature really cuts down on the time you would spend finding the best studio to practice online. This minimizes the likelihood of unpleasant surprises when visiting the club. The quality of the studios, by the way, is also noted by active users of the application on social networks.


After testing the FITMOST app, we came to the conclusion that it will not only add variety to your workouts, but also really significantly reduce the time spent looking for a studio and sports activities. Moreover, it is equipped with convenient functionality, which really makes it stand out among its competitors. By downloading the application to your iPhone, you no longer have to think about looking for a profitable subscription closer to home – in just a couple of taps you will be able to practice in any studio along the way and even in any studio in another city.

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