Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

Gadgets Apple Watch for sports on the Russian market are gaining more and more demand. At the same time, the Apple Watch Sport 38 mm can be called the most popular model today. The device has an original design, low (in comparison with other “apple” products) cost and a voluminous list of functionality.

Display and housing package and specifications

The watch packaging is made in a laconic style with a typical Apple minimalism. The device is sold in an elongated plastic box, the watch itself is wrapped in a special protective film. The inner part of the box is lined with velvet, which provides the device with additional protection during transportation. Hidden under the clock in a cardboard box are documentation, a charger and an additional smaller strap.

Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

The elegant look of the watch model with supposedly sporting skills looks somewhat unusual. The user can choose the color of the silicone strap to his liking, thereby adding variety to the daily image. As the pre-order statistics show, the most popular are white, black and green bracelets.

Smart watch received OLED – display with the following parameters:

  • diagonal – 1.33 “;
  • extension – 272×340;
  • 343 ppi;
  • protective glass Ion-X Glass (similar to Gorilla Glass);
  • Force Touch sensor technology.

The latter characteristic implies a different reaction of the device to the user's touch of the screen, different in intensity of pressing. In the settings, you can select 3 gradations of brightness, while there are no automatic changes. However, the display allows you to clearly see the text even when exposed to sunlight.

Among the shortcomings of the screen and body, users noted poor resistance to scratches and other external influences.

Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

Specifications and autonomy

Note that Apple Watch Sport 38mm is available in two versions: s1 and s3. The technical data of the junior model is as follows:

  • case dimensions – 34x39x11 mm;
  • weight – 25 g;
  • OS – WatchOS;
  • processor – Apple S1;
  • integrated rechargeable battery;
  • RAM – 512 MB;
  • memory – 8GB;
  • Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • NFC;
  • built-in sensors – accelerometer, light sensor, heart rate meter, gyroscope, acceleration sensor;
  • multimedia – microphone, speaker, audio file playback;
  • vibration signal;
  • moisture protection – IPX standard;
  • assembly – China.

Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

The device costs a lot, but it is an acceptable price in this segment of wearable devices. For this amount, the user gets a smartwatch equipped with a powerful processor and sufficient memory. In addition, the battery lasts for 18 hours in active use.

Of the improvements available in s3, a number of parameters can be noted that have a positive effect on usability.

So, the version Apple Watch s3 Sport received a new more powerful processor, which accelerated the speed of the gadget. The rechargeable battery has a large capacity with the same dimensions. One charge now lasts about 20 hours. The updated version Bluetooth allows you to transfer information from your iPhone even faster.

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But the most important difference is that the new version has become more autonomous. Now the watch was able to connect to the network and conduct a dialogue without having a smartphone nearby.

Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

In the s3 series, the manufacturer paid more attention to protecting the device from moisture. The ability to dive up to 50 m will allow fans of extreme relaxation to enjoy the process without worrying about the safety of the watch.

Among the useful options, a loud speaker deserves special attention. The user no longer needs to press the watch to the ear to hear the interlocutor. The sound is clear enough, sonorous, high quality.

Comparing the parameters of both versions, we can say that s3 is more focused on sports, and s1 can be used as a 'secretary' that complements the phone quite well.

Features and controls

The control of the device did not cause any special complaints from users. The sensors are responsive to touch, and the wheel and button do a great job. However, there is a drawback: in the cold season it is impossible to use the device with gloves.

Apple Watch Sport has many features that the iPhone also has, but only a few of them are convenient to use. Stopwatch, timer, world clock or moon phase work without problems. Notifications coming to your phone are shown on the watch display. The user can respond to them with manual or voice input. The device can be used to make / receive calls.

Overview Apple Watch Sport 38 mm

The options for viewing the exchange rate, weather conditions, maps of the area are quite conveniently implemented.

Built-in sensors help you lead a healthy lifestyle. They monitor the number of calories burned, sleep status and the functioning of the organs of the cardiovascular system.

The rest of the tasks are more convenient to solve using a smartphone. On a large screen, it is easier to surf the Internet, view photo or video content. But with a competent approach to synchronization and joint use of both devices, life can be greatly facilitated.


Smartwatch Apple Watch s1 Sport has demonstrated excellent value for money. The possibility of additional installation of 3500 programs allows you to expand the functionality of the device for the individual needs of the user.

The positive aspects include:

  • the presence of a personal assistant and voice input;
  • display of notifications coming to the phone on the screen;
  • equipment with various sensors;
  • acceptable cost.

The negative point is the lack of internet connectivity. However, these and other shortcomings have already been taken into account by the manufacturer and fixed in the Watch s3 Sport version, for which you will have to pay a little more.

When choosing between the first or third series, the user needs to take into account his interests and needs. For example, a lack of network connectivity can be a problem for one and a meaningless setting for another.

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