Overview iPod nano 7

This overview will help you evaluate the capabilities iPod nano 7 and compare it with other products of the company Apple. The previous model from this line, called the iPod Nano 6, belongs to the most unusual experiments of the company. Its body was square and looked more like a Shuffle device. Not all connoisseurs of products Apple were happy with this gadget due to the lack of a control wheel and the presence of a touch screen. For this reason, the iPod Nano 7 is back to its roots and looks more like a fifth generation device.

Devices from the Nano family occupy a middle step between the simplified Shuffle gadgets and Touch players, which are similar in functionality to smartphones iPhone. These models should appeal to buyers for whom the functionality of the Shuffle is too limited, and the Touch devices come across as expensive and bulky.

Overview iPod nano 7

However, Nano gadgets are not in high demand. This is due to the fact that any smartphone can handle the functions of a media player for playing music and videos, sports fans choose Shuffle, and those who do not have enough money for iPhone buy Touch.

Overview iPod nano 7


The iPod Nano 7 gadget has the following specifications:

  • black, gray, gold, silver, pink, blue or red body color;
  • 16 GB of internal memory;
  • dimensions 76.5×39.6×5.4 mm;
  • weight 31 g;
  • volume 15537 mm³;
  • 2.5 ”widescreen, 240×432 resolution, 202 PPI pixel density and multi-touch function;
  • support for wireless standards Bluetooth 4.0 and Nike +;
  • sound is reproduced at frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz;
  • audio file extensions AAC, HE-AAC, MP3, AAX, ALAC, AIFF and WAV are supported;
  • the ability to adjust the volume is provided;
  • there are Home, Play / Pause and Power On / Off buttons on the case;
  • installed 3.5 mm and Lightning connectors;
  • video formats M4V, MP4 and MOV are supported;
  • radio settings taking into account the regional characteristics of different continents;
  • function 'Smart pause' for listening to missed radio programs;
  • installed accelerometer;
  • built-in lithium-ion battery that provides music playback for 30 hours and video playback for 3-4 hours;
  • the device is charged via the USB protocol from a computer or a 220 V network;
  • support for 35 different languages.

Overview iPod nano 7


The iPod Nano 7 comes in a clear plastic box. It has an oblong shape and can squeak if you press hard on it. A similar box is used for classic iPods. The box says the memory is 16GB. A cheaper modification with a memory size of 8 GB is not available for this model.

To open the box, you must first remove the adhesive tape. This tape serves as evidence that no one has used the device yet. The first thing that the user will see after opening the case is a sheet of paper with the inscription Made in California, USA.

Overview iPod nano 7

Includes user manual, 2 logo stickers Apple, USB-to-Lightning adapter, and EarPods Apple EarPods without remote control and microphone. For comparison, even more simplified headphones are supplied with the Shuffle.

Thanks to the small Lightning connector, the underside of the player looks better than the previous model. If the user is going to connect old peripherals such as acoustics or a docking station, he will need to purchase a Lightning to 30-pin adapter. In this case, the adapter may be incompatible with the seventh model.

Overview iPod nano 7


The Nano 7 is designed with an elongated shape and a widescreen display with video playback capability. There is no wheel for controlling the device. For this purpose, the touch screen and the analogue Home button are now used, well known to the owners of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. In addition, at the top of the case you can see a button to lock the device, and on the left side of the volume rocker.

Overview iPod nano 7

Below are the Lightning and 3.5mm connectors. The antenna Bluetooth is hidden under a white plastic plug. Between the volume keys, you can find the Play / Pause button.

Overview iPod nano 7

The body material is anodized aluminum with a matte finish. The front panel will be dark only if you choose the black color option. In other color options, the front panel will be white. If you do not treat the player carefully enough, chips may appear on the metal case.

The device has compact dimensions and low weight, which makes it look like a toy. The thickness of the case is 5.5 mm, and the weight is 31 g. The player fits in a pocket, and at the same time its weight is not felt.


The iPod Nano 7 features a 2.5 ”, 240×432, multi-touch capacitive touchscreen display. The screen is protected by glass. The image looks grainy because the circular icons show edges. A matrix of TN + Film standard is used, which makes the screen content difficult to see at an angle. User can manually adjust the backlight brightness in settings. Automatic adjustment is not provided.

The display is well suited for managing music tracks, but not for watching videos, although this function is provided on this model.

Overview iPod nano 7

Although the iPod Nano 7 is narrower than the sixth generation model, the device has a wider screen. The width resolution remains the same at 240 pixels. The pixel density has decreased – 202 PPI instead of 220 PPI. At the same time, the difference in image clarity is not felt, but the maximum brightness value is increased, the color reproduction is improved and the viewing angles are expanded. If before the white color on the display seemed blue, now this defect has been corrected. The screen looks good considering that it is not IPS class.

Overview iPod nano 7


The operating system of iPod Nano 7 is similar to the simplified version iOS. Not only Russian, but also Ukrainian localization is available. You can unlock the device using the power button or the Home key. Long press is used to change the order of icons. To minimize the active application, you can use the Home button or swipe to the right. The multimedia information is downloaded to the device via iTunes.

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The Music app includes all the features you need, including song selection, rewind, shuffle, repeat song or album, sort by artist, genre and album, and Genius playlists. Tracks can be mixed by shaking the device. Equalizer contains over 20 different presets.

The Podcasts section looks similar, but provides the ability to go back 30 seconds or change the playback speed.

The radio can only work if headphones are connected to function as an external antenna. The frequency of your favorite station is manually tuned in. After auto tuning, a list of available local radio stations appears with a short description of each one. The broadcast is stored in a memory buffer, but the duration of such recording cannot exceed 15 minutes. Thanks to this function, the user can pause or rewind the radio broadcast.

Overview iPod nano 7

While watching a video, you are allowed to pause, rewind, select an audio track and set up subtitles. Photos can be viewed as a slide show, independently choosing the delay time between frames. The scale of the image is adjusted using the Pinch-to-Zoom function.

With the Fitness app, you can keep track of your daily steps and organize your workouts by uploading mileage and calories burned to Nike +.

The Settings section displays the amount of downloaded content and free memory. The “Clock” application displays the current time, contains a convenient stopwatch and timer. The alarm clock is not provided on this device. There are several different design options for the dial. The user can configure the clock to be displayed every time the screen is turned on or after pressing a special icon (the appropriate option is selected in the 'Settings' section).


Unlike previous models, the Nano 7 comes in a single package with 16GB of storage. For a large music archive with high sound quality, this may not be enough.

Overview iPod nano 7

Working hours

According to the developer, the player can work in music playback mode for 30 hours, and video – for 3 hours and 30 minutes. Movies drain the device too quickly, but users rarely use it to watch videos due to the small display size. If you listen to music for 2 hours a day, then the user will have enough battery for a week. The device iPod Touch lasts much longer in audio mode.

If you fully charge the player just once and then periodically connect it to a PC via USB to exchange files for a few minutes, then the charge will last more than a week. In this case, you can listen to music for 3-4 hours a day. The module Bluetooth does not discharge the device too quickly, which allows the use of wireless headphones.

The player is charged via the Lightning connector using the supplied cable. It takes 3 hours to fully charge the device, but there is an accelerated mode that allows you to fill the battery up to 80% in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Overview iPod nano 7

Sound quality

The sound quality of the iPod Nano 7 is average, but outperforms many smartphones based on the operating system Android (especially Chinese models). Devices from the iPod Touch family are distinguished by better music playback. The volume reserve is sufficient for listening to music in a noisy environment (for example, in public transport).

The earpods that come with the bundle have a beneficial effect on the sound and outperform the old headset of the company Apple. The sound picture looks richer and more realistic.

In the settings, you can activate sound check, adjust the equalizer and attenuation, set the volume limit. Only standard EQ settings like Rock, Pop and Jazz are available. If desired, you can select your option by moving the frequency sliders manually.

The sound quality of the player is far inferior to such eminent competitors as the Sony Walkman F. The Nano 7 device will suit the inexperienced user, for whom the main thing is volume and clarity of sound.

Overview iPod nano 7


The Nano 7 is a stylish and compact audio player that is lightweight, has video playback, FM radio, wireless connectivity Bluetooth and a pedometer. The gadget is primarily designed for lovers of an active lifestyle and for those who often listen to radio stations.

Overview iPod nano 7

It uses the iTunes service to organize the music library. If you are not an active participant in the software environment and cloud services Apple, then it is better to look at music players from other manufacturers or smartphones that offer good sound.

The advantages of the seventh generation player include the following points:

  • lightweight and miniature metal body;
  • analog buttons Play / Pause and Volume +/-;
  • advanced earpods Apple EarPods included;
  • Nike + system for recording sports achievements;
  • FM radio;
  • the ability to play videos.

The disadvantages of the device can be considered its high cost and design, which not everyone will like. But this player is more functional than the previous generation model and is more popular.

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