Overview iPod Touch 7

The announcement of the iPod touch 7 came as a surprise, since the last update to the line was only in 2012. Since then, many have forgotten that, in addition to the popular iPhone, Apple has another gadget of a similar form factor.

Overview iPod Touch 7


Some speculated that the company would halt its iPod Touch lineup. Therefore, the announcement of the updated iPod looked at least unexpected. The novelty received the following specifications:

  • SOC Apple A8, ARMv8A with 64-bit architecture, 2 cores and 1.1 GHz power;
  • coprocessor Apple M8 with compass, gyroscope and accelerometer;
  • processor (presumably) GPU PowerVR GX6650;
  • RAM – 1 GB;
  • built-in memory – 128/64/32/16 GB;
  • no support for microSD cards;
  • the system operates on the basis of iOS 8.4;
  • capacitive multitouch IPS screen, resolution – 1136×640 (diagonal – 4 “);
  • Bluetooth 4.1;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 (5 and 2.4 GHz);
  • Battery – Li-Pol, with a capacity of 1043 mAh;
  • Dimensions – 123x59x6.1 mm;
  • Weight – 88 g.

The characteristics of the new iPod touch are comparable to the iPhone 6 and partly to the old iPod model.

Overview iPod Touch 7


When you remove a new iPod from the box, its miniature size immediately catches your eye. Critics point out that after 6 iPhones, the slim device with a 4-inch display looks extremely small. However, the dimensions of the device are similar to those of the 2012 model. The new iPod also features an all-metal casing.

At the same time, the compactness of the new device is associated not only with a small screen and thickness, but also with small frames on the sides of the display.

There are no special changes in the case and connectors. Everything is about the same as in the 2012 model. However, some design developments were nevertheless implemented: the designers used new colors, and the player itself lost the fastening element for the arm loop.

The new colors were in place. The iPod is now available in dark gray, gold, pink, silver and blue.

I can say that the design of the novelty still makes a rather pleasant impression, and the use of new colors cannot but rejoice.

Overview iPod Touch 7


The screen of the novelty, according to the manufacturer, is identical to the displays of the previous generation gadget and iPhone 5S. The outer surface of the display has the appearance of a smooth plate made of special glass, which is highly resistant to scratches.

The doubling of objects reflected in the display of the new iPod is weak. This is because there is no air space between the outer coating and the LCD. The device does not have automatic brightness adjustment. At the highest level, this figure does not create any problems with screen readability, even in sunny weather.

The display has good viewing angles without significant color shift. Color reproduction and saturation are high. In this case, the colors have a natural shade.

Overview iPod Touch 7

For use in the dark, you can adjust the brightness to a comfortable level, and the absence of flicker will not adversely affect the eyes. The quality of the display is at a high level. Color coverage fully complies with the sRGB protocol. After some time of use, fingerprints may appear on the surface of the screen, and there are no problems with their removal.


New from Apple works on the basis of iOS 8.4. Users have the opportunity to independently update the system to version 9. After that, the interface of the device should function as smoothly as possible, since the hardware component of the described device is approximately identical to the iPhone 6 smartphone.

OS iOS 8 did not undergo any significant changes when compared with the previous version, since the innovations were aimed solely at the functionality of the operating system. So, third-party software developers in this version have more features. From now on, they will be able to develop full-fledged applications with rich functionality that will be useful to users.

iOS 8 has support for iCloud Drive (cloud storage) application. Safari browser allows you to see thumbnails of running tabs. Also in this version, a sidebar is implemented, which users of devices on MAC have liked.

Overview iPod Touch 7

Cloud storage

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Photos can now be stored in the cloud photo gallery. They are automatically synchronized with all connected devices with iOS. If 5GB of cloud space isn't enough, you can purchase an additional 20GB for $ 1. However, you will have to pay monthly. The photo program has improved editing and search capabilities.


You can unlock the device with the Home or activation buttons. The launched program can be minimized by pressing the Home key. You will still be able to download media files to your device only using iTunes.


The radio receiver, as in all other devices in the series, functions only when headphones are connected, which are used as an external antenna. Frequencies can be set manually or automatically. It is possible to record songs from radio stations.

Overview iPod Touch 7

Other functions

The Music application contains standard functions such as track selection, random play, rewind and various sorting variations. It is possible to mix music files with a simple shake. The equalizer has over 20 presets.

In the Video section, you can pause movies, rewind them, play subtitles and switch between audio tracks. In addition, the device supports fitness programs, with the help of which it will be possible to calculate the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

All configuration parameters are collected in the corresponding Settings section. Here you can find out the amount of remaining disk space, set the time and date, work with a timer, stopwatch or calculator. The system has several basic skins for the dial.


The amount of preinstalled memory ranges from 16 to 128 GB inclusive. When choosing this or that model, it must be borne in mind that it is impossible to increase file storage using memory cards, and only 5 GB of space is available in the cloud storage.

Overview iPod Touch 7

Working hours

The battery capacity of the new iPod touch is almost half that of the 6 iPhone. It should be borne in mind that the music player does not waste battery power to connect to cell towers. Although the results of numerous tests have shown that the battery of a multimedia player is discharged 2 times faster than on a popular smartphone from Apple. In video playback mode, the battery should last for about 8 hours.

Considering the area of ​​use of the iPod, it is inappropriate to compare it with a smartphone. The owner of the iPhone will recharge their mobile device much more often. This is due to the limited functionality of the iPod, so the owner of the device uses it less often. For a quick discharge, the device must be actively used as a camera, while uploading the resulting frames to Instagram.

Overview iPod Touch 7

Sound quality

The iPod is a complete multimedia player and music playback is one of its main functions. Not everyone is able to fully assess the level of sound quality, since the owners often listen to music through cheap headphones and on the street.

Products from the 'apple company' have always been famous for their high quality and clarity of sound, and iPod touch 7 is no exception to this rule. For the most comfortable listening, it is advisable to set the volume 'slider' slightly above average values. Music lovers recommend immediately changing the included headphones to better devices, such as the Sony MBR-XB950AP.

For a multifunctional device that is not a narrow-profile music player, the iPhone 7 sounds extremely good. The decisive factor here will be the quality of the files being played and the headphones used. If the owner believes that the gadget is producing low-quality sound, then the reason most likely lies not in the hardware component.

Overview iPod Touch 7


Instead of the outdated processor model (A5), the novelty received a 64-bit A8 chip and a motion coprocessor. The upgrade also affected the camera on the back of the device, which was able to get 8-megapixel resolution. The front lens remains at 1.2 megapixels.

In terms of design, the 7 iPod is similar to its predecessor. The main difference is the lack of a fastener for the strap and many additional colors. The operating system has also been updated. It now includes support for the Beats internet radio and the Apple Music service.

The most inexpensive device of the new modification costs about 15 thousand rubles for the 16-gigabyte version.

The described iPod has 2 use cases:

  • a gadget for a developer or tester of software components for iOS, which does not need a 'telephone' functionality;
  • a great gift for a teenager or child.

Buying the described iPhone is an expensive pleasure, and giving a high-quality and stylish player to a son or daughter of adolescence is a matter of principle. So, the iPod touch is a kind of 'demo version of the iPhone'. If you want to buy iPhone, but your financial budget is very limited or you want to save money, then you can buy yourself this music player, which will be a good compromise, and with a high-quality camera, clear display and excellent sound.

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