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There are many tech bloggers on the Russian-speaking Internet, but not all of them reach tangible heights. Today in our heading – Dmitry Romanenko, the author of the youtube-channel “Apple Maniac”. Yes, the same one that reviewed the iPhone XS Max in Maybach. We talked about the seamy side of blogging and expectations for 2019-2020.


Classic question 🙂 How did you come to YouTube and why tech blogging? How did it all start?

In fact, before the Apple Maniac project, there were 3-4 more channels, which I threw a couple of weeks later, without collecting even 20 subscribers. The last project, Apple Maniac, was created on the same day as my video took 2nd place at some international conference, when I was still a schoolboy. There was barely enough motivation until WWDC, there was a video called 'hypanuli' and I decided to make my first major purchase for the channel: buy a lavalier microphone for 100 rubles. After that, it was stupid to leave the channel, it was necessary to recoup investments 🙂

In general, I collected the first 200 subscribers in only 9 months, and only then I connected it to the affiliate program. This is a complete failure, acquaintances for the same period of time did 100 thousand subscribers without straining, but I have 200. Not thousands, just 200 subscribers. Only after 3 years did it start to work, before that the channel brought in 200-500 rubles a month, which was not enough even to compensate for electricity for light in the video.

In addition to YouTube, you have a blog on Instagram, but they are completely different in terms of topics. What is more interesting to you now – gadgets or finance? Again, how did you come to her?

It just confuses me that these are completely different subjects. Instagram and YouTube, ideally, should complement each other, strengthening the promotion of both sites, and by exchanging advertisers, earn more.

But the topic of gadgets got so tired that I wanted to give more useful content on self-development, financial literacy and time management, rather than launching another silly profile with entertaining content. I am sure that with my help there will be more motivated, successful people in Russia who earn decent money.

I began to be interested in self-development with the development of the channel, and came to the topic of investment and financial literacy after speculative transactions with bitcoin at the end of 2017. It did not work to earn (and lose) on it, in 2018 I began to be interested in 'boring' long-term investments in securities, experience and share sometimes in posts. Maybe in the future Instagram will lead me to the info business, but these are only plans so far.

What do you think, what are the prospects for tech blogging, is it dead, as some media personalities claim? What paths of development do you see for yourself in blogging?

Technoblog is not dead, there is money, views and subscribers, look at the same Wylsacom. The question is that other bloggers are far from his level, so they whine that the tech blog is dead. I personally know some marketers, they all say that there are few channels in the tech segment where they can advertise. There is Valya, there are a couple of large canals and there are 5-6 more smaller and cheaper ones. With huge marketing budgets, advertisers don't have so many choices, so from this point of view, tech blogging is the most alive. Moreover, advertisers value influencers more – opinion leaders in a narrow topic with an audience of 50 to 150 thousand subscribers. On the other hand, before creating a channel, you need to think about why viewers should subscribe to another techno channel, when Valya often makes content more often, of higher quality, faster and more interesting.


Is it difficult to be a tech blogger at all? 🙂 Is it hard to “break through”?

Oh, this is my favorite. For some reason, everyone around thinks that bloggers are the kind of people who cursed at the camera, posted it on YouTube and immediately began to shovel loot. In fact, this is not the case, and for even minimal success certain knowledge and skills are required:

  • Shooting a video on a topic that is not interesting to anyone is stupid, so you need to be able to analyze trends and release the right videos at the right time
  • In order for the video not to be dull shit, you need to write at least a minimal script, which is also difficult. It is also advisable to have at least minimal competence in the topic of the video, so as not to look stupid.
  • To make the video look high-quality, you need to understand the equipment, choose the best in terms of price / quality ratio, and, most importantly, be able to properly configure it
  • Even if the quality of the video, sound and script is excellent, but the presenter cannot connect even two words and looks withdrawn, no one will watch it. Requires minimum presenter / speaker skills
  • Next, you need the skills of audio processing and video editing, these are 2 more separate professions
  • We need a preview, channel design, consistent in a single style. Either a designer is hired, or creativity and Photoshop skills are needed
  • Just uploading a video to the Internet is not enough, it will not collect views. You need knowledge in SEO promotion, taking into account all the features of YouTube algorithms
  • Networking. It is always easier with connections: more opportunities for collaboration, more advertisers, friends of affiliate directors and Google employees will be one of the first to tell about the features of the constantly changing YouTube algorithms and other equally important chips
  • To make money, you need to know the advertising market on YouTube and be able to sell a lot and at a high price. It is also desirable to have a media kit in PDF or on a website. Also a separate profession
  • Sooner or later, you will have to hire a team, here the blogger acts as an HR and a manager who trains, leads and motivates employees.

In total, it turns out that the blogger collects more than 10 professions for which people have been studying for years. At the same time, the work of a blogger does not imply the availability of days off and certain hours of work: often we work 24/7: in search of ideas, work with the audience, and so on. Often, in order to quickly release a video, you have to stay up all night, in general, not everything is so simple.

Anyone can 'break through', it only takes time, I was convinced of this by my example: without connections, knowledge, skills and money, the channel began to generate income only after 3 years. A shameful result, but most would have scored in the first month.

What is the ideal gadget in your opinion? Do you remember your first phone?

No matter how much I thought about this issue, I did not find the perfect gadget, there are well-founded claims to all.

I don't remember the very first phone, but I know that there was a Nokia 2760 (or something similar), SONY ERICSSON K510I, nokia 5230 and Samsung Wave 525.

What do you use on an ongoing basis now? What 5 apps do you consider most important for yourself?

interesting 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro go on sale first Epic Games asks court to return Fortnite to App Store

There is a top-end MacBook Pro 15 'with a touchbar just like a typewriter (well, a little for work), iPad Pro as a reader, yes iPhone Xs Max as a dialer.

The day is not complete without a 3tb AirPort Time Capsule, it costs like a wing from Boeing, but it runs smoothly and makes Mac backups. Well AirPods with the amazing Sony MDR1000XM2 for listening to music, always with me.

From applications I recommend Sleep Cycle (the free version is enough) to wake up cheerful, Streaks to develop good habits, MyBook to read books and listen to audiobooks by subscription, constantly improving. Be sure to Spark to put things in order in your mail and Things, to plan your day and do more than others. I am convinced that this suite of applications will help many readers achieve greater results, and perhaps even earn more.

And most importantly, it's YouTube and Instagram to be subscribed to Apple Maniac's channel and @Maniacdays!

What do you expect from Apple in the future? This applies to both devices and services.

Recently, it has become absolutely indifferent to what other tech giants will present there Apple. In 2019-2020, I expect from Apple only a drop in shares by another 30-40 percent, so that you can buy them and make good money on it. Although this is more of a fantasy, a dream.

Of course, it would be cool if Apple released a library of books and audiobooks by subscription based on iBooks (like in the MyBook app). Wouldn't mind iPhone 11 with an ultra-wide angle camera, maybe a subscription streaming service with movies and TV shows. But if this does not happen, I will not be disappointed at all, competitors are now making excellent gadgets and services.

Do you ever get tired of technology? If so, are you doing Digital Detox? Overall, it's interesting to know about your ways to relieve stress.

I don’t get tired, but it’s elementary to stay productive, to be able to complete all work tasks, you have to not be distracted by an endless Instagram feed, useless correspondence and a sea of ​​recommendations on YouTube.

To do this, I unsubscribed from all information sources that carry negative or useless information, turned off notifications from almost all applications, including instant messengers, and correctly positioned icons on the phone's desktop: working and useful applications at the beginning, and all entertainment was stuffed into distant folders.

Well, a change of activity, an alternation of mental work with physical work always helps to 'relieve stress': it can be either a simple walk, or training or travel. But even on travel, on vacation, work does not allow you to forget about yourself: you have to sell advertising, be active in stories, write scripts, etc.

What are your top goals for 2019? The results of 2018 are impressive 🙂 What advice would you give to those who want to achieve serious success in the next couple of years?

In 2019 I plan to devote more time to self-development and building relationships, move to a new apartment and save up a large amount of money, just to be on the safe side. In late 2019 – early 2020, I want to finally fulfill my old dream: to get a private pilot's license. To do this, you need to save 500 thousand rubles, but now the formation of a financial reserve is a higher priority.

As for advice to others, I made a post on Instagram about the TOP 7 things you need to do in order to significantly pump yourself in 2019 – here.

And finally 🙂 Show your favorite photo that you have taken recently and tell us a little about it.

Recently I have been interested in luxury Swiss watches, for me it is more than just a time display tool.


The photo I even put on the wallpaper on iPad shows my new watch, the Omega Seamaster Diver 300m, which will be exactly the same on Daniel Craig's wrist in the next James Bond movie.

This is not just a watch, it is a real work of engineering and design art. Looking at them, I see where every penny spent has gone and it warms my soul. Behind the superb exterior of this watch lies a flawless and perfect engineering and technological solution that most other watches, even Rolex, do not have. This synthesis guarantees not only long-term preservation of the appearance, worthy of jewelry, but also the absolute protection of the watch movement from any influences, including shock, moisture and magnetic radiation.

In general, I can talk about the watch for a long time, I will soon release the video 'I bought a watch for 300 thousand', here I will tell you everything in as much detail as possible about them.

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