People: Danil Golovkin, Fashion – photographer

Today in the heading people – Danil Golovkin, one of the most popular fashion photographers in our country. He has shot covers for Vogue, l'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Snob and many other glossy magazines. We asked Danil what he thinks about mobile photography and how to tell a bad shot from a good one. The interview took place thanks to the re: Store Academy, where on March 22 Danil talked about his work and gave useful advice.

People: Danil Golovkin, Fashion - photographer

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Danil, what are the main trends currently accompanying Fashion photography?

In my opinion, fashion has moved towards art photography and now the trend is lightness and romanticism, natural light and a more natural feeling of the picture.

How can you tell a bad shot from a good one?

This is a matter of individual perception, everyone has their own sense of good and bad. It is necessary to educate taste and 'observation'.

A photographer is, ideally, also a good psychologist. What skills do you need to cultivate in someone who wants to devote themselves to portrait photography?

Patience and attentiveness

People: Danil Golovkin, Fashion - photographer

Tell us about your most unusual shooting and the most unusual personality with whom you managed to work

I think this is Andrei Bartenev. I once worked with him for a foreign magazine and I was lucky to be in the same band with him on a trip to Burning Man. When we finally arrived in the Black Rock Desert for the festival of contemporary art and radical self-expression, it felt like Andrei had returned to his home.

Who or what inspires you the most?

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There must be motivation. If it is, then inspiration will come from everywhere – from people, from music, cinema, art …

How, in your opinion, is a young talent to break through in the photography industry now? What “hooks” the audience the most?

What catches the most is the photographer's vision, when simple and familiar subjects are created from a new and unexpected angle of view.

People: Danil Golovkin, Fashion - photographer

Do you think mobile photography has a future?

It seems to me that everything is being done to ensure that mobile photography has a future. Smartphone manufacturers instantly react to changes in professional photo equipment lines and user requests, and introduce new functions and capabilities into devices. Sometimes it is even difficult to reproduce a photo taken on a mobile phone with a professional camera.

Can you take an ingenious photo with your mobile phone?

I think it is possible, because the photographer's vision is more important now. Any tool can be.

How often do you take photos on iPhone, do you use it in your work?

I constantly use iPhone, everywhere, for me it is a working tool that combines a lot of possibilities for mobile work, from coming up with an idea and ending with sending highres to the editor.

I have had a few shoots for magazines at iPhone, but for professional shooting I still use a DSLR as I need more manual adjustments and the ability to change optics.

By the way, the re: Store Academy regularly hosts lectures by interesting speakers. Follow the announcements in the official VKontakte group.

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