People: Ekaterina Shergova, Director of the Gift of Life Foundation

Revision iPhone – gps continues to acquaint you with interesting people connected in one way or another with the world Apple. Today in the “People” section – Ekaterina Shergova, director of the “Give Life” Foundation. This year, the fund's team successfully implemented payment via Apple Pay in the mobile application, as a result of which the amount of donations increased by 20%. Read more in our material.

People: Ekaterina Shergova, director of the fund

I am a journalist by education, I have worked in my specialty for many years. For the first time I came across charitable projects as the host of the 'Gorod' news program on Channel Three. In March 2007, the Grant Life Foundation invited me to join its Board of Trustees. Since then, charity is not just my job, but also a way of life.

I remember the time when the foundation was just starting its work, it was impossible to make a donation even from a card, you had to stand in endless queues at banks and fill out a heap of receipts. A person had to make a huge number of unnecessary movements, waste his personal time. Even then, we realized that our task was to make it convenient and easy for people to help our wards, children with oncology. It was necessary to come up with and implement mechanisms that would make charity the norm, a common habit of any person.

People: Ekaterina Shergova, director of the fund

Many live with the conviction that charitable foundations in today's Russia are clumsy bureaucratic machines, and their employees are outdated people who do not follow trends and technologies.

But of course it is not. In our work, we rely on the IT sphere, marketing trends, PR and SMM.

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We work with all possible channels through which donors can transfer money – this is an SMS from a phone, a subscription to write-offs from a card.

Several years ago, we began to notice that the share of mobile traffic began to exceed the desktop one. Friendly developers from the Redvolk agency have made and optimized the mobile version of our fund's website. And even then it became clear that we needed a mobile application. It was released in January 2015. The costs of the project were covered by our old friends and partners of Aviasales. The developers were talented guys from CleverPumpking.

We tried to make the application as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. An updated version of the application was released in February 2019. 'Give Life' became the first charitable foundation in Russia to offer payment options via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

People: Ekaterina Shergova, director of the fund

In 2 months after that, the amount of donations increased by 20%, this is directly related to the new capabilities of the platform. In the application, you can read the fund's news, track the history of your donations and register in the database of gratuitous blood donors.

For more than 12 years, the 'Give Life' foundation has been helping children suffering from cancer. Our work is complicated by the fact that each specific case is a huge amount required for treatment, which is needed here and now.

A charity application is not something status or formal, it is a functional solution that makes the donation process as simple and convenient as possible. You can download the application for iOS here.

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